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Levier shelf system by Cate&Nelson for Voice

Not only one Voice, but several. Yes, I am hearing voices and not really feeling more weird than normally. Ok, I will get to the point :

Voice being a Swedish furniture brand that during Stockholm Design Week 2018 coming up in February, is launching a whole new range of furniture of which I have taken 2 to heart imidiately. Actually it´s more like 3. I will explain :

Voice nr1: The wall mounted shelf Levier made in American ash created by the designduo and life partners Cate&Nelson, Swedish Cate Högdahl and Spanish Nelson Ruiz-Acal, you see above in black, well not the people but the shelf. Are you with me ?

This sophisticated wall mounted shelf system can be altered and become just what you need more or less in size. Very attractive shelf system in my opinon. My only comment being, if you are designing for a Swedish company creating furniture in Sweden, why then not use Swedish Ash or another Swedish wood when here ? Since wood is something Sweden is really good at.

Voice Nr2 Norm is a daybed or sofa (Voice Nr3) as you can se above&below. Truly a timeless furniture piece and a type of daybed I find myself wanting. Fact is that it is so related to the daybeds we have seen from the 30´s – the 70´s and the simple beauty that makes it attractive and a piece I covet.

Norm is designed by Swedish Mattias Stenberg who appropriately describes furniture as mini architecture which for sure can summarize the two versions of Norm. Even Norm is done in American ash, not Swedish ash (which does exist)  The legs are done in a powder coated metal.

Norm sofa 210x70x39.5 by Mattias Stenberg for Voice. Price from 24 450 SEK. Luckily it comes in more textile colors and in leather.

Voice production is in Sweden outside Jönköping in Småland, an area known for extremely successful companies in the interior industry such as Ikea. Can not say that without remarking that Ingvar Kamprad may rest in peace. What an amazing journey he did from Småland to conquering the world. Voice originating from the same area in Småland as Ikea and are now starting to make other type of furniture then in the storage segment, where they have started and to me that seems like a very good idea.

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