A view of the Caribbean in Cartagena


I wanted a view of the Caribbean in Cartagena. Do you know I really love traveling and sharing it here with you! It gives me the feeling that I experience it all over again in the best possible way.

When I was in Cartagena by the Caribbean sea in Colombia i tried several hotels. This is the second one I am blogging about. Last I wrote about Hotel Qudrifolio inside the Walled City. This time I laid my hat on the bed with the orange velvet headboard at Hotel Armeria Real. 

Just like Quadrifolio you can not guess what a surprise is awaiting inside. The facade outside the Hotel Armeria Real is not giving you any clues it has such beauty on the inside. I asked for the most quiet room and was shown to the top floor that holds the pool and rooftop bar as well as a view overlooking the marina and the sea.


The room itself was alright with a good bed and a view from the balcony over the ocean. What I really went for is the outdoor lounge by the pool. The feeling here with the Gandia Blasco Na Xemena sofas and easy chairs combined with the see through curtains and the rough wooden tabletops on metal frame just made me wanna stay here. The pool around the corner and the bar taking orders from the table for both food and drinks. The palm tree tops showing off their greens and the view of the marina and the sea and skies of the Caribbean seen from this top floor gives you a feeling of flying.


The view  over the marina and the high risers over at downtown Cartagena.

The white ceilings with fans and the orange awning/markis and green plants works well together and creates a wonderful shaded area for people like me who want to read and just enjoy the ocean breeze.

The pool is big enough and nice and warm even in the evenings. The sun beds are from Spanish Gandia Blasco just like the furniture in the lounge. Why I know this furniture so well is because I first of all liked it very much and spent time in the villa in Ibiza called Na Xemena (designed by José Gandia) after which the furniture have been given their name with my Spanish lover at the time that worked at Gandia Blasco.


The backyard of the Armeria with the gorgeous green palm thees against the terra cotta and light skin tone facade looks so alluring.

This view from the roof top bar down over the back yard is just wonderful. The green tiled part of the wall houses a waterfall that makes the most wonderful soft splashing sounds.

Just look at the green color of the trunk of this large palm tree. I adore the color green.


I had breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel and can tell you that breakfast is ok but the rest is better had at both better and cheaper places nearby. Service here is not so hot. One waiter was wonderful and spoke english. The others seemed almost afraid if not spoken to in Spanish.


It´s time for me to take the elevator down and a taxi to the airport. If it was not for the fact that every evening after 8 pm the music from the outdoor restaurant across the street (!) totally drowns the serenety that The Armeria Real owns I would recommend this fab place. But when everywhere you are after 8 pm have to listen to the echoing of loud salsa either you want it or not you tire of this place sadly. Oh I almost forgot. What they call the spa at the hotel is a room where you can take massage from a not so experienced massage therapist and I guess a bath or so. Not a luxury hotel spa in any way.

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