Tree men and a RV


After grabbing my new green birthday luggage (a great present, thank you!)  at Portland International airport in Oregon USA I call my Ex. I have not seen him for several years and finally I am here to see him and his husband. I call Nic using WhatsApp through the airport wifi and we both scream. My God it´s been so long! Nic&I were together for 9 years and he feels like my close family.

My Ex – Nic and his husband Ross pick me up when I get out of the airport and we hug and scream and I get to shake hands with Ross for the first time. We have communicated via Facebook and WhatsApp for years but never met IRL.

As we are driving from the airport Nic&Ross let med know that we will only go to their home in Salem and  repack my bag. What I need to bring should be hiking type of clothes for 4 nights…


I know nothing of this.

Nic&Ross have secretly booked a RV. RV is short for Recreational Vehicle/husbil. I am overwhelmed! I have never done this type of traveling before and had no idea I would right now at all!! What a surprise!

We pack in our stuff and I choose the bed on top of the driver seat. Nic and Ross take the larger bed in the back. We have a small bathroom with shower a kitchen and a lounge. All is stowed on board and we take off!


Archer&Tag are coming on the trip as well and love checking out where we are going and want to sit in Nic´s lap the whole time in the beginning.

We reach our first destination on the coast of Oregon which is Yaquina Bay Lighthouse that was built in 1871 after having huge buffé lunch at a Indian Reserv Casino (!)

Here is a video of the two gorgeous lighthouses of this magnificent coast of Oregon.

As I go down to the black cobble beach strewn with what the waves have left I just can not stop taking photos. This is stunning and unique.

The brown kelp is a type of seaweed of enormous proportions that have been washed ashore and laid on these vulcanic black stones.

The mist and the rain along this coast this time of year makes it all more mysterious and magical. So beautiful in my eyes.

There are lots of breweries making beer and cider along this coast. We stop here for seafood and off course we will have a beer or three.

Several bridges are built in the 30´s and kept perfect and still serve as the best way of crossing the waterways of Oregon.

At Heceta Beach we watch the birds take off.


The art of the sea and and the sand.

Long sandy beaches followed by really rocky areas as well as pine forest going all the way down to the beaches.

This time of year in Oregon it rains. For June/July/August there is no rain at all. My raincoat comes to good use.



We arrive at Newport, Oregon. We are here to hopefully se the wild sea lions and to have dinner at a BBQ place. The whales are not only seen in the waters of Oregon as you can se below. What a fine mural


And here they are! Hanging out in the harbor of Newport. Amazing to see these large creatures in the wild.



What a fantastic trip this has been. I had no idea I would love the coast of Oregon this much. Thank you Nic&Ross. I will never forget our RV trip together.


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