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Stockholm Design Week and Frankfurt Ambiente Fair run into each other. First out for me is breakfast at Gulled on Södermalm in Stockholm a ten minute walk from my own studio where Danish Hay present their news. Cofounder Rolf Hay himself tells us that they choose not exhibit at the Sthlm Furniture Fair grounds during Sthlm Design week. Just like in Milan where it all started at the fairgrounds and then moved on to new areas around the city we now see the same pattern happening in Stockholm. That large cooperations stand out by exhibiting away from the crowd at the fairgrounds.

The kitchen news at Hay steals my attention. The cutting boards by Mette Hay in a thick colorful plastic that was first presented at the Hay Minimarket at the Soho MoMa store in NYC. After all of the versions of wooden cutting boards we have seen the past years, this is by far the most attractive, clever and hygienic (can be cleaned in dishwasher)  plastic kitchen help with inspiration from the restaurant kitchens where the different colors are representing the use that the board is for. Blue for fish or green for veggies and so on for example.

Rolf also talks to Stefan Diez, designer at Hay and father of the so called New Order office series. Confessions are made about the state of the thin metal line as it was first presented as not really being ready at that time.The specially invented hinges now being fully perfected and allowing the New Order concept to fully bloom with the updates made. Quite honest. Must say I really go for this dark office series and the way it is displayed here.


New order office line by Hay in this dark expression is so to my own liking. First time I could consider a office line in my own studio.

The colorful Hay office accessories even makes the regular white spaces look updated and improved.

Clever mobile storage units taking inspiration from the professional garage tool storage. It makes me think of the metal tool sets my grandfather always had. This is made in plastic though.

Smart and colorful mobile storage by Hay.

Hay presents a lot of 2018 news among them a sofa by Gamfratesi so uninteresting, in my opinon, I did not get why it was there.  Been there done that so to speak.


Italian Magis is represented at the Stockholm furniture fair but are here at Gulleds as well. The styling of their updated living room to me representing the way we aspire to furnish our homes 2018. Strong colorful pieces of furniture against a non white backdrop.

As a newcomer it can be hard to be seen. I fell for this new Norwegian design from Buene exhibiting for the first time at Stockholm Furniture&light Fair. This contemporary and functional turnable led lighting  combined shelf called Yoke caught my eye and is something I would like to have myself. Do you like it ? As you see it comes in different woods. Check the website for more unseen news from Buene.


The powerful color schemes of Dutch office furniture DUM wakes you up in the best way. The textile lamp series stand out. The main objective of the DUM label is to provide spaces with distinctive items – to embellish hotel lobbies,airports, business lounges and waiting rooms with outspoken design.

Dutch Dum


We always say that we do not have to reinvent the wheel. But that is just what Jessika Källeskog has done for Design House Stockholm. A marble wheel that with the help of a type of plate or bowl with a perfect fit it becomes a mortar & pestle that grinds your peppercorn in a way I have never seen in the kitchen before. It not only works well but must be the most beautiful new kitchen ware I have ever seen.


Jessika Källeskog

I met Jessika in the hallways of the Furniture Fair and she reminded me to go and see her new design. I´m so glad I did. This is what I call clever design.  It not only helps you out in the kitchen it is so good looking it is something you want to show off on the table. Gorgeous I must say (Just like Jessika, don´t you think?) The mortar&pestle in Jessika´s design is called Tondo

There will be more. Stay in touch



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