My Stockholm week and the trends of Tomorrow´s Table


Back in the Swedish capitol after a warm&wonderful week in Cartagena in the Caribbean, I could really feel the November cold getting to me.

In the streets of Stockholm as well as in Berlin, NYC and London I find these innocent&beautiful animal faces, many times ripped halfway like this. Have you seen them ?


My work monday was intense in the Studio, just getting back the the normal rhythm.Tuesday evening after another day of of getting back to my creative normality and typical November work mode was interrupted in the best way possible by an unexpected injection of theatrical outburst.

My friend the Architect Daniel Nyström who I just visited in Villa De Leyva, Colombia is back in Stockholm as well and asked me to come along to Sickla in the Nacka area of Stockholm. We arrive in the dark just after 10 PM/22.00 to the glass building adress and walk up the stairs. After a check on the list over invites from the person in charge our company of four is let in.

Daniel,  Emma Blanche and Fredrik Färg and I have a drink in the bar passing a massive floor covered in a orange textile. High ceiling and glass on both sides letting in the street lights into the dark atmosphere inside accompanied ominously sound wise building in intensity.

More people arrive having drinks and talking adding to the ominous acoustic image intensifying as well. Just after 11 pm the light and sound change and Cirkus Cirkör take over the orange textile covered floor and start their pop up performance. This type of unexpected outburst of pure creativity gives me so much. Loved it!

Cirkus Cirkör pop up perfomance in Sickla, Stockholm

Invited for lunch with a purpose to what is called :  Tomorrow´s Table at the booze museum. No I´m not drunk (not right now anyway…!)  There is a alcohol, spirits or booze museum, if you like, in Stockholm called Spritmuseum.

Highlighting the increasing food&beverage tourism Tomorrow´s Table invited to talks with Staffo Törnqist as MC interviewing Anna Malmhake, CEO of The Absolute Company, Hans De Geer Professor&authour of the book Vin&Sprit (Wine&Spirits) – från politik till marknad – giving us somewhat of an explanation to our strange alcohol history of Sweden, Anna Anerfält-Johansson representing her Norrtelje Brenneri, one of the 555 new producers of alcoholic beverages in Sweden. Internationally celebrated chef Tommy Myllymäki, serving us interesting trending info of tomorrows food&drink tourism explaining that he foresees more personal identification with the restaurant of choice  and a more fine tuned consumer,  eating less and thinking more of the quality, production and from where the produce is found for the meal. Therefore also looking to enjoy the local specialities requiring a more differentiated meny all over the globe.

Sounds really good to me. Hoping what he says will rub off on Sweden over all and that we can find more of our own food culture along with all of the world represented as well. Erik Wolf joins in via a Skype link and and at last Michael Persson Gripkov, Chief Brand and Communications officer at Visit Sweden talking about the addition of not only food as being the interest of the food tourist but drink as well and the importance of combining the two, which makes perfect sense right (!)

Since we had a monopoly previously in Sweden,  the need to inform about our new open policy on alcohol production but not on selling, which still is only handled by Systembolaget our upside down politics not allowing any sales of alcohol to the beverage tourist visiting The Absolute Company in Åhus still, leads us to understand that we still have some time before we will have a complete food&beverage tourism…

Steffo Törnquist interviewing Anna Malmhake
Visiting the bathroom at the nicely designed  Spritmuseum, loving the graphics of the doors.


The very charming Mr Törnquist takes over most of the interviews being the TV personality as well as a self professed gourmand.  If we next time have more talk of the future, this being Tomorrows Table and less talk of the Historic table and Mr Törnquist then it will fulfill the premise of the title of the event fully.

Tasting my way around the Spritmuseum finding the chocolate art of award winning pastry and desert chef Malin Haak. Hoping Malin will get more mentioning on this website that is her husbands now that she is a winner as well.

OMG! These chocolate, browned butter & hazelnut dreams in front are TO LIVE FOR (photo above)  The lighter brown pastry in the background was as light as a cloud, containing sea buckthorn/havtorn and rose hip among other exciting ingredients. Want to taste more of Miss Haak´s own specialties that´s for sure.

Tasting something I never tried or heard of before. Hopple is hop/humle and apple/äpple combined in a beverage. Really like it! Hoping to see this new drink and company real soon.

Bubbly anyone? Cool and mysterious deco for Tomorrows table at the Spirits Museum/ Spritmuseum.

Brännland cider utilize the cold weather that comes with the norhern Swedish territory in their apple production of ice cider. I really recommend trying this tasty apple drink. Like the look of lable and bottle as well. Congrats I must say!


Since my Designbloggarna colleague Stina Lodén posted her views on the Finlayson textile version of Tom of Finland which I did not agree on I find myself showing my Israeli friend Maor Gil´s photo´s taken by Tom Zvily in my quest to exhibit more of the male sensualism as I see it and what I think is not shown in the way I like. Often when the heteronormativ society looks at the gay world it get´s misunderstood in my opinion.  The added graphics Crazy Sexy Cool (below)  which is just what Mr Gil exudes made me think of the TLC album with the same name. Here is the song Red Light Special from that album :

The walks I take almost everyday gives me this amazing view over City Hall seen from the south of Södermalm.

A lovely sunny November week in Stockholm that I enjoyed comes to a friday end with me going to the first hearing of a lawyer firm.  I have never been to such a meeting and do not know what to expect.  At 2 pm/14.00 on friday I meet with Setterwalls , l law firm investigating the work situation of the TV4 production Äntligen Hemma that I worked with for 10 seasons, 5 years and that came to an end 2011 in a way I never expected. I wrote about the sexist work environment on my blog then ( dec 2011) but only the newspapers seemed to care or find some explosive material in writing about it.

It took many years and more accusations being made against one man until a way of handling this rotten work situation and the mistreatment, injustice and sexism was stopped. After one hour and lots of backtracking of bad memories I was done with my first hearing of a law firm ever. A new experience of something I hope I will never have to do again.

I ended my friday with a birthday bowling bash for my favorite protégé. Being a god father of Arvid 11 years old, son of my dear long time friends Lars&Linda we celebrated Arvid the way he wished for, ending with dinner and desert at home in Täby. How happy I am to be able to celebrate with my close friends and family.


Disco lit bowling friday birthday bash for Arvid 11 years old.


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