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Fjällstuga in Swedish,  hytte in Norwegian or ski lodge if you say it in English. In French a chalet and in German hütte. It´s all the same thing. They way of building is very much the same type of structure in all of our countries. Sturdy wooden houses with a stone foundation that can take heaps of snow packed on the roof and stormy, rainy weather for years and still stay just the same.

The style indoors is very much the same from the beginning. Wood. Wooden floors. Wooden walls. Wooden ceilings. All that wood could end up real boring. It really does not if you are the master of wooden interiors like Axel Vervoordt This ski lodge dream is Axel Vervoordt´s chalet in Verbier in Die Schweiz or as you say in English : Switzerland in the Alps in Valais situated 3 330 meters height above sea level.


For me Axel Vervoordt is somewhat a house god. The pure & plain style just does if for me. Apart from a good bed and food on the table a open fireplace is to me a must in a ski lodge. No tv needed.

Growing up my parents would take us skiing every year and we spent several snow filled vacations in Flims in Schweiz where we rented a chalet that was on the ski slope so you just walked out of the door and put on your skies in the morning. In the evenings my brother and I built tunnels in the snow outside the house. We loved it. To sit outside with the view of the snow covered mountains like in this photo of Axel Vervoordt´s chalet in Verbier is a majestic experience no matter the weather.

Classic shapes and comfort is and will always be just right.

Having a open fire means handling a lot of fire wood. Storing it under a roof and showing it off is a good idea since it is so sculptural and needs to be seen instead of hidden.

I mean. Need I say anything…? A Dream Ski lodge it is surrounded by snowy mountains.


Enjoy your skiing adventures wherever you go.

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