Rue Verte, Copenhagen, right up my alley



I love Copenhagen and when I am working at Interstil HQ, with my brand Jimsch, situated an hour by car away on Swedish soil, I often take the chance to go visit the Danish capitol. Copenhagen has such sophistication and cosmopolitan style. When I was there yesterday I by chance ran into Rue Verte, a boutique I have not encountered before. That is amazing because it has been here for over 20 years.

So happy to have found it now though. I have not had the pleasure to get this much inspiration in one single boutique in Scandinavia since I was at Artilleriet in Gothenburg. Both places have in common not trying to sell the norm of Scandi interiors of white/blonde type of furnishings. Both Artilleriet and Rue Verte has a more cosmopolitan style.

At Rue Verte in Copenhagen you find a café in the middle and just to pop in for a macchiato and a sit in their sofas is a treat. Rue Verte does not try to be like the other stores, they are unique and know it. Rue Verte, Copenhagen, Denmark is right up my alley.


I love Lampe Gras as you might have understood from my blog before. The long black floor type lamp is sold here at Rue Verte along with the rest of the fantastic series of armature that never go out of style.


Iron and copper waterfountains as focal points are as much sound and feeling as form&color. All senses engaged at Rue Verte.


Joe&the Juice run the café at Rue Verte. Situated in the midst of the beauty with skylights high above your seat. Just lovely!


Furnished rooms in Rue Verte style give you the darker side of beauty.



Raw material love and green plants creates a special atmosphere at Rue Verte.


The dark&sensual side of bedding at Rue Verte.


Welcome in to Rue Verte at Ny Østergade 11, Copenhagen, Denmark. Next door neighboors are Christian Louboutin, Stella McCartney & Kartell 


When you feel hungry or just want a glass of wine you naturally stay in the neighborhood and go to the most stylish asian restaurant in Scandinavia The Market and find a table at their outdoor seating.

IMG_3587I just love finding the gems in my favorite cities.

All my best to you,

/ Jimmy


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