Ráquira city of ceramics, Colombia



Ceramic statues on stone pedestals in the center of Ráquira. 

We are in Ráquira, that is a city centered around the artisanal production of ceramics 40 minutes car ride from Villa de Leyva in the Andes, Colombia. Villa De Leyva is where I am staying with my friends Daniel&Julia, that have been here before. For my travel companion Maria and me this is the first time.

We are here to see ceramic work and ceramists that work in the area. In Ráquira there is a concentration of clay good for ceramic work and as you can see in the square, ceramics is a big part of this colorful small city or village if you will.

At the bottom of the post you will see a video of a staty doing something I never have seen a statue of a grown man do….

Apart from pots and vessels of all kinds,  most of them not colored or glazed to perfection like these bright&colorfull skulls that really stick out but also seem to be a popular expression in this multicolored town, you find every type of normal shape of ceramics.  Dia de los Muertos/Alla Helgona was just around the corner so maybe that is way these skulls are featured at the moment.

I´m always on the lookout for new ways of creating and design from a platform of for me a new way of working. For work and my own education and inspiration I love to study different cultures artisanal/hantverksmässiga expression. From the knowledge handed down for generations there is so much to learn. These clay pigs make me think of the pig style money boxes I had in my room as a kid.

Really like this dark brown/black ceramic series that is a type that has made it as export to Europe already and in Sweden are sold via Karott


Taking a walk through the village of many hues. Everything is so colorful! Also meeting lots of lovey furry friends.

I mean….How elegant can you sit? Ruben you are soooooo gorgeous. So happy to meet you!

I love taking my own little exploring walks while my friends are getting all wrapped up in the pottery biz.  I find this amazing little creek with a tree filled with Tillandsia/Spansk mossa/Spanish moss


There is something so special and magic about these long hanging cob webish kind of plants. Just love it!

Our lovely looking stylish ladies posed for me on the bridge in Ráquira. Gracias Julia&Maria!

We drive further up in the mountain just outside of Ráquira and arrive at Rosa-Maria who Julia knows from before who is a well known Colombian ceramist that works from her house just like her mother who did just the same before her.

Rosa – Maria who is in the middle of work,  asks us in for coffey and we ask to see her new and old work. In her hand are older work done by her mother who’s legacy she has taken over and now creates her own work.

This is the oven where the magic happens. She also has a totally new electrical one and actually use both.


This is inside the house and studio where she works. The figurines you see to the left in the picture are one type of artwork she creates and sells.

Just recently when The Pope was visiting in Bogotá one of her ceramic art Virgin Mary figurines were given by the Colombian Presidential couple Juan Manuel Santos who won the Nobel Peace Price and his wife Maria Clemencia Rodríguez Múnera,  to the Pope as an official gift (!)


The walls of the house are decorated with Rosa-Marias clay.

The church is old work of Rosa-Maria´s mother Otilia that Julia is showing us.

We thank Rosa-Maria for the coffey and for being able to see her work up close.  My travel companion Maria buys a ceramic piece that she fell for and we start getting back to the car. It was sure a treat to see the life and work of such an esteemed Colombian artist. Thank you very much!

My head is full of todays impressions. I can not forget what I saw in the restaurant though earlier for lunch in Ráquira ( dit not dare to tell you before…) …look at this video…

Since Brussels have their Manneken Pis I guess this is the Ráquiran Piss…or ? Just could not stop staring at this almost full length ceramic pissing man.

Colombia sure is full of surprises.

Stay in touch 🙂





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