Dinner for Norma


You know the feeling when you are going to a meeting that is real close. It will only take you ten minutes to walk there and yet your are late. That´s exactly how I felt walking in a fast pace towards Färg Blanche studio on Södermalm in Stockholm. It only takes me 10 min to walk from my studio to theirs, still I am somewhat late so making an entrance to live music is a joy. See the video of my entrance below.

    I stand outside the large wooden door and ring the bell and hear music faintly coming from inside.  I have been here before but this time it´s for Emma & Fredrik´s new design for Johansson Design. A yet unrevealed collaboration for their new design project that they will announce tonight. Had to take a video of the twirling lamp in the entrance…      

We are welcomed and introduced to Norma by Fredrik&Emma personally.  Norma is a new seating system, easy chair and sofa with a extra special padding. Layers of textile like a throw or three that have been perfectly styled permanently on the sofa. Left stylishly to enhance the seat.

  The layering becomes ever more visual from the back of the seat.  

The idea being that the seat can be made into the color or texture you want. Offering a choice to architects and interior designers to be a able to create their own version of this chair from the Norma matrix.

  Norma can naturally be had in only one type of textile and color as well.   We are ushered to our seats. Our placement is written directly on the table surface with our names.  

The chair called Frankie that you see in the photo above is the predecessor to Norma. Frankie is named after the creator of lindy hop, Frankie Manning. His wife was called Norma and that is why the leading lady/easy chair/sofa is called Norma and why we are here tonight.


The plate and cup/bowl we will be eating from is Färg Blanche for French Petite Friture. Here with a serving of delicious pumpkin  soup and homemade ginger hard bread with a ecological soft cheese. It´s a piece of brown waxed sandwich paper underneath it all. The food is  catered and served by Curlyfood.

  I take a walk after the lovely desert looking at the studio showing off the different design and methods of making and  various collected machines and objects. On the table are the molds used for making the Petite Friture table ware we have been eating from. If you went to Milan furniture fair last year you saw this extravaganza of a chair at Färg Blanche exhibit Armor mon amour.    Haute couture furniture meaning all specially made prototypes not meant for production but for unique  occasions all created by our host of this generous evening, Fredrik&Emma, Färg Blanche.   Stay in touch /Jimmy  

Voice to be reckoned with

Levier shelf system by Cate&Nelson for Voice

Not only one Voice, but several. Yes, I am hearing voices and not really feeling more weird than normally. Ok, I will get to the point :

Voice being a Swedish furniture brand that during Stockholm Design Week 2018 coming up in February, is launching a whole new range of furniture of which I have taken 2 to heart imidiately. Actually it´s more like 3. I will explain :

Voice nr1: The wall mounted shelf Levier made in American ash created by the designduo and life partners Cate&Nelson, Swedish Cate Högdahl and Spanish Nelson Ruiz-Acal, you see above in black, well not the people but the shelf. Are you with me ?

This sophisticated wall mounted shelf system can be altered and become just what you need more or less in size. Very attractive shelf system in my opinon. My only comment being, if you are designing for a Swedish company creating furniture in Sweden, why then not use Swedish Ash or another Swedish wood when here ? Since wood is something Sweden is really good at.

Voice Nr2 Norm is a daybed or sofa (Voice Nr3) as you can se above&below. Truly a timeless furniture piece and a type of daybed I find myself wanting. Fact is that it is so related to the daybeds we have seen from the 30´s – the 70´s and the simple beauty that makes it attractive and a piece I covet.

Norm is designed by Swedish Mattias Stenberg who appropriately describes furniture as mini architecture which for sure can summarize the two versions of Norm. Even Norm is done in American ash, not Swedish ash (which does exist)  The legs are done in a powder coated metal.

Norm sofa 210x70x39.5 by Mattias Stenberg for Voice. Price from 24 450 SEK. Luckily it comes in more textile colors and in leather.

Voice production is in Sweden outside Jönköping in Småland, an area known for extremely successful companies in the interior industry such as Ikea. Can not say that without remarking that Ingvar Kamprad may rest in peace. What an amazing journey he did from Småland to conquering the world. Voice originating from the same area in Småland as Ikea and are now starting to make other type of furniture then in the storage segment, where they have started and to me that seems like a very good idea.

Stay in touch /Jimmy      

Blown up in Bogotá


My first visit to Bogotá, Colombia. Came in last night with my friends living in Villa De Leyva. Drove from the mountains and checked into a nice Airbnb apartment. Now on our way to have breakfast and then take a walk to the colonial center of the city called La Candelaria passing Plaza De Bolivar to go to a a exhibition by a Cuban collective called Los Carpinteros/The Carpenters. Check at the bottom if you want to know what I mean with blown up in Bogotá.

Plaza de Bolivar
The feeling in the streets is kind and welcoming. Finding lot´s of fine handicraft and different handmade products. Look at these leather sandals. People here are convinced it´s winter, but to me it´s more like Swedish summer. The old town and colorful colonial original part of Bogotá is called La Candelaria. Entering into the museum is via this beautiful garden. We also pass the Botero Museum that I do want to check next time I´m here. We made it to MAMU.   We are looking at the Cuban Collective´s exhibit La cosa está candela/The thing is burning at Miguel Urrutia Art Museum called MAMU

In Spanish this is what is said about La cosa está candela :

Los mediadores realizan un recorrido para todos los públicos, a través de los singulares objetos que construyen Los Carpinteros, reconociendo algunos elementos determinantes en su producción como la transformación del sentido de los objetos cotidianos mediante el cambio de sus características originales.

In Eng :

The mediators make a journey for all audiences, through the unique objects that The Carpenters build, recognizing some determining elements in their production as the transformation of the meaning of everyday objects by changing their original characteristics.

First I just saw a plane. When you look closer you see the arrows everywhere. This piece is made in concrete in a flowerlike shape. It is more than 2 meters x 2 meters and aprox. 50 cm high. There is a large hole in the wall. Through the hole in the broken wall I see something my eyes first can not make sense of. This piece first looks like a photo only from this end, but….  

….but as you see it´s a big installation on the other side of the wall. It looks like a frozen moment just as the explosion has gone of and the whole meeting room is going to pieces. Totally blown up in Bogotá I would say. Actually that is what Los Carpinteros did. The asked to blow up one of the office meeting rooms at the museum and from the pieces of the the broken material composed this installation.

  I just could not stop looking at it. Even if you see the string holding all the objects you so strongly get the feeling of a millisecond of an explosion.   What a great cultural Bogotá day filled with inspiring creativeness.Thank you! Stay in touch /Jimmy      

Ski lodge dream


Fjällstuga in Swedish,  hytte in Norwegian or ski lodge if you say it in English. In French a chalet and in German hütte. It´s all the same thing. They way of building is very much the same type of structure in all of our countries. Sturdy wooden houses with a stone foundation that can take heaps of snow packed on the roof and stormy, rainy weather for years and still stay just the same.

The style indoors is very much the same from the beginning. Wood. Wooden floors. Wooden walls. Wooden ceilings. All that wood could end up real boring. It really does not if you are the master of wooden interiors like Axel Vervoordt This ski lodge dream is Axel Vervoordt´s chalet in Verbier in Die Schweiz or as you say in English : Switzerland in the Alps in Valais situated 3 330 meters height above sea level.

  For me Axel Vervoordt is somewhat a house god. The pure & plain style just does if for me. Apart from a good bed and food on the table a open fireplace is to me a must in a ski lodge. No tv needed. Growing up my parents would take us skiing every year and we spent several snow filled vacations in Flims in Schweiz where we rented a chalet that was on the ski slope so you just walked out of the door and put on your skies in the morning. In the evenings my brother and I built tunnels in the snow outside the house. We loved it. To sit outside with the view of the snow covered mountains like in this photo of Axel Vervoordt´s chalet in Verbier is a majestic experience no matter the weather. Classic shapes and comfort is and will always be just right. Having a open fire means handling a lot of fire wood. Storing it under a roof and showing it off is a good idea since it is so sculptural and needs to be seen instead of hidden.
I mean. Need I say anything…? A Dream Ski lodge it is surrounded by snowy mountains.
  Enjoy your skiing adventures wherever you go. Stay in touch   Jimmy

Hockney + Hellberg = Trend


As a designer and creative human being I´m always in search of new inspiration and trends originating from our cultural history to become part of our future.

Since Stockholm due to the Formex Fair and all activities created around it is full of inspo, I attended an information filled lecture by my colleague Trend Stefan Nilssons Stora Trenddagen 2018, on tuesday and then went to see Beckmans College of Design exhibit  at Svenskt Tenn handling the state of the seas of the world that sadly, we know is not in the condition we want it to be in.

 Yesterday I listened to and saw the artistic images of Dutch trend oracle Li Edelkoort at the Formex Fair in Älvsjö. I will definitely tell you more about all of my impressions from all I have had the opportunity to listen to.

First and foremost though I have to share the inspirational exhibit created by Tina Hellberg at Formex. Her installation that you will se more of below and hear from herself from where she got her start is to me in itself a trend.

Trends to me are never portrayed via new or old objects but in the way objects and material are arranged and put together. You can have a home filled with ”trendy” things still not be a updated home.

The way Tina Hellberg created the atmosphere, color and light in this installation shows a new way of decorating originating from a cultural expression and elevating it to a new statement.

If you thought I am just full of words (i.e shit) then looking at the photos I took of Tina´s exhibit hopefully will explain it better. Remember that I have not photographed every inch and angle of the exhibit. Just parts of it. Hope you like it as much as I do. To me this is true inspiration :


This is how Tina is introduced by the exhibit called Layout at Formex where her interpretation was one of 3. I changed the last sentence since my opinion is that this better translates to English what was said in Swedish by Tina about material :

Tina Hellberg is a stylist whose focus is interior design, set design and conceptual installations. Tina is inspired by every step in the design process, from the finished product to the initial sketches. She is also influenced by art of all kinds, finding color inspiration in fashion and attitude from architecture – especially architecture with a strong and honest feeling for the material.


This is how Tina explains why and how she choose to work with David Hockney´s painting in my translation of the text found at the Formex exhibit that opened 17th of January 2018 :

”Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy is the painting that David Hockney worked with 1969-71 and was my starting point for the exhibit. First and foremost due to it having an interesting play of colors and illumination, partly due to the fact that it is painted in a backlit room. Later I found it to have such a rich content, with many exciting references to art through our times, which I would like to explain more about another time to those who are interested. My goal has been to try and portray the painting through my choice of color and products. This is often the way I work, with a story as the basis for my interpretation. I like the title of this painting very much but after a while I understood that the name Percy was not one of the couples surname, but the name of the cat in the man´s lap. The real name of the cat was not Percy it was Blanche, but Hockney thought Percy suited it better. ”

Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy 1970-1 David Hockney born 1937 Presented by the Friends of the Tate Gallery 1971
If you are interested in the artist David Hockney read more about him here.   Stay in touch   /Jimmy