Lucky Luka´s lounge


Lucky is designed by Luka Stepan for Blå Station  First in a smaller dining version and now it has grown even more comfy with the new Lucky Lounge version ‘The original Lucky had a certain relaxed feeling about it,’ says Luka Stepan, ’we felt it could also work in a more casual environment, not only next to a dining table. ’We have upgraded Lucky thoroughly with a fully padded seat, contoured backrest, and a more laidback geometry’ The original as well as the lounge version is made in traditional materials: Oak or Walnut plywood, upholstered backrest and a seat covered in leather or textiles.

I really fall for the new Lucky lounge version in black. To me it´s a design classic that will live on. Somehow you feel like this must have been around since the sixties. Must admit a love for Luka´s Lucky lounge in black.

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Lucky by Luka Stepan 2108 for Blå Station.
The walnut plywood version is not bad either…


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