Lhong 1919 in Bangkok



Photo by PM Persson

Tracey Nguyen is a Vietnamese actor, blogger, stylist and fashionista living in Bangkok. She told me and my friend  PM Persson that we should go and see Lhong 1919 that is a Thai-Chinese heritage Mazu shrine, Art&Craft shop located on 248 Chiang Mai Rd, Khet Klong San on the side of the Chao Phraya River that does not have a skytrain. You can take a boat though and get off right here. So here we are!

There are both restaurants & cafés indoors and outdoor.

Really go for these outdoor candles set in wooden boxes with the metal holder in black.

Just adore this mural. The window is authentic. The children are painted and the stools are the real thing.

The interiors of the old storage spaces have been made into one floor instead of two which creates such spacious beauty. A type of eclectic old style mall is what it became of each antique building i.e they are a 100 years old 2019 since the were built 1919.

Lotuses are planted all over and this flower is one of those I just can not see enough of.

Tracey posing in front of the entrance mural. She’s got the look! PM took the photo. Layers of paint on top of each other was removed and the murals were found. The red sign is newly painted for the opening of Lhong 1919 in September 2017.


The old buildings create this great backdrop that has been taken care of the best way and made into a restaurant in the photo above.


Tracy and the painted children.

 The decoration both with what is sold and what is ornamental is so well done and great looking. 

Like these thai/chinese lanterns.

Budding lotuses.

Clothes, flowers, art&craft and paintings. The list of what you find unique versions of here is long.

I wanted to play as well so added myself to the mural along with Tracy. PM took the photo off course. Lhong 1919 is such a needed addition to the Bangkok shopping flora. The eclectic style and cool conversion of the spaces where the old style is kept and honored is so refreshing to see in a city where buildings seem old when they turn 10 years. When in Bangkok I really recommend you visit Lhong 1919.


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We had a tapas type of thai/chinese lunch and a great cup of coffey. PM took the photo.


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