My first trip to Kew Gardens From A to Kew


Taking the green line (!) called the District line in London to Kew Gardens about 30 min from the center. Kew Gardens is THE Botanic Garden and if you have followed me here you know by now that there is nothing that inspires me more than the green life on this planet.

After paying to get in this sight is what meets me by the café. So not only good coffey right away but also my favorite outdoor furniture by Konstantin Gricic. Thank you Kew!

The trail I follow from the café leads in to this sight. Such a grand pond and this gorgeous park surrounding.

Everywhere you turn beauty looks back at you. Not only perfectly flowering gorgeousness but these artichokes that look amazing now in September.

I have reached my goal. I am in front of The Palm House. I have this thing for  glass houses. Call them green houses or conservatories. I just like everything about them. The Palm house in front of me was built by Richard Turner and designed by Decimus & Nicole Burton. It was the first large-scale structural use of wrought iron/smidesjärn and was built between 1844 and 1848.


Now, that´s what I call an entrance!

Tropical plants and larger such than anywhere I have seen in Europe.

I just think it is so beautiful. The painted worn iron and the green plants and the humid heat.


What you see below is called The Hive, it is the design of UK based artist Wolfgang Buttress. if it sparks an interest check the video as well further down.

The Hive is originally created for the UK Pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo. It’s 17 metres tall, constructed from 170,000 aluminium parts, 1,000 LED lights and took four months to reconstruct at Kew.


The Hive is an immersive sound and visual experience. The lights you see and the sounds you hear inside The Hive are triggered by bee activity in a real beehive at Kew.

The intensity of the sounds and light change constantly, echoing that of the real beehive. The multi award-winning Hive was inspired by scientific research into the health of honeybees. It is a visual symbol of the pollinators’ role in feeding the planet and the challenges facing bees today.

This amazing botanical garden filled with the secret life of plants and full of art experiences is a place that I will keep coming back to. This is my type of inspiration. Check the video of The Hive.

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