If cosy is a village it´s Villa de Leyva


View of the valley and the village of Villa de Leyva, from the house of my friends Julia&Daniel in Boyacá, Colombia in the Andes. It takes around 3 hours to drive here even though it´s just 130 km northeast of Bogotá, but the roads are small and you need to climb up to 2149 meters on alpine roads to describe it in a European type of lingo.



We start the day with a great tasting brunch buffet  at Hospederia Duruelo. All meals will contain some kind of arepa in this part of the world. We will talk more about that in a later post. Corn Arepas are Colombia if you know what I mean.


I just love this flower arrangement in the stone fountain.

Yadira called Yaya is the reason why we are all here in Villa de Leyva. Yadira is Julia´s mother and used to live here in the summers with her mother Julita. So I want to thank you Yadira for making a point out of coming back and showing us all what an amazing place on earth Villa de Leyva is.

Gracias Yaya ( Jag heter Yaya – ja, det där var så internt att det förstår bara ca. 8 pers…)

The breakfast club ready to take on the beauty and the historic village in the Andes : Villa de Leyva

Surrounding Villa de Leyva are the green and gorgeous Andes.

Daniel having a peek through a locked door. All buildings are so well kept, preserved and beautiful.

The village of Villa de Leyva is built on a former lake. When digging for building the houses fossils where found. We are talking about a village that was founded in 1572 so it´s not recent these buildings came up. The fossils are incorporated in the  base of the buildings in several places.

Villa de Leyva becoming one of Colombia´s principle tourist attractions and I understand why. Already 1954 it was declared a National Monument. Here colonial architecture is preserved and the cobblestone plaza looks the same way as it did when it was planned over 400 years ago. If you are a paleontologist you know about Villa de Leyva and the Paja Formation (Cretaceous era) For you who have no idea what a paleontologist does you might remember Ross in Friends. He worked as Paleontologist.

My grandmother Anna would have loved this balcony  filled with geranium/pelargon.

There are the most amazing backyards and gardens all over town. You just have to look where you can walk in and see it. Some are private but many are open and used as public spaces, restaurant or hotel.

Have you tried a Zapote?

The tomatos below I think you have seen before, but Pepino de guiso a sort of cucumber above is not something you find everywhere.

The fruit feijoa in the big basket.

As you can see I adore fresh fruit and vegetables. The Villa de Leyva market once a week offers all you can ever want and more.  We are tasting and choosing what to get and planning dinner as we walk the market place in awe of all the green produce offered here.

Do you know all the fruits you see here ? I sure don´t…

The mule standing by looking at me as I take the photo. Hi cutie!

Never ever have I  seen so many hammocks/hängmattor being part of everyday life for real in homes all over as here in Colombia. Not only here in Villa de Leyva.


Love this green door and my new hat!  Thanks for the photo Maria,

Part of the film Cobra Verde by Werner Herzog was filmed here in Villa de Leyva.

Florentino Ariza, the main character of Gabriel García Márquez´s novel Love in the time of Cholera spends part of his life in Villa de Leyva. As you might know, Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in 1982.

Roy Fares has opened his magnificent Mr Cake in Stockholm. Here in Villa de Leyva there is a Mr Cake as well but it was opened prior to the Stockholm success. A great idea is rarely a solitary expression on our globe.

Many weddings take place in Villa de Leyva and I understand why. This city or village have an abundance of romantic feeling that is undeniable.

I will not guide you any more. If you are interested you will google Villa de Leyva or Colombia to find out more. I can tell you that I would really like to come back. This is a feel good place.

Thank you Villa de Leyva, Colombia

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