Hotel Quadrifolio, Cartagena, Colombia



Ringing the doorbell of hotel Quadrifolio in Cartagena, Colombia. This is the only way in so no way of just peeking in without having a reservation. Secluded but yet in the middle of the old walled city of Cartagena.Off course I have read about the hotel, but never been here.

A welcoming and polite door man opens the large wooden gate and lets me into the courtyard and invites me to sit down in the lounge and wait. He gets me a fresh mangojuice and says he will take my luggage up to my room.


The courtyard is open air and the sun comes down through the palm trees and hits the beautiful shallow water of the pond. I take the stairs up to my room. The whole house surrounding the court yard is part of the hotel I am told.

I take the stairs up to my room on the second floor and find this warm and welcoming room with high ceiling and high windows overlooking the pool. I lay my hat on the bed and take a sip from the mangojuice and notice the color of the wall being a close hue. The reds on the bed along with the warm yellow fits perfectly with the temperature outside.

Four wooden sculptures  of different heights telling stories of Colombian culture.The smallest look like he is wearing a white skirt in this photo, but off course it´s just the top of the lamp. The Tropical flower perfectly matched with the sculptures in front of the white bedside lamp.

High double doors into the bathroom adds to the luxurious feeling.

I do enjoy a set up with washcloth and good lotions and shampoo ready for my relaxing semi cold shower when I come in during the warm days.

The four-leaf-clover symbol of Quadrifolio is visible from front door to the robes and shower floor terry cloth mat. Quadrifolio means four-leaf-clover.

The window in the shower overlooks a closed mini garden visible only from this view.

The built in sofa in the room offers a comfy place to sit other than the bed.

I like that the facade color of the front of the building and the interior wall hues chosen match so well. Below you see the third floor wrap around patio.

The moving image show the small top roof pool and the view from the top floor over the court yard of the hotel.

There are  large lounges on two floors open for everyone. Perfect if you have a party or wedding or such in the hotel


This stair leads down from my room to the pool in the courtyard and the sofa where I like to sit and have a fresh juice or a chilled sauvignon blanc.


The fans are silent but constantly running providing nice breeze.

I was by myself every time  I was in the pool.  So nice.  This is not a crowded hotel. There are only 8 rooms.

Hotel Quadrifolio is situated in a  beautifully restored building from the 1700´s with the conservation standard of reviving the achitechctural charm of the colonial era. See more on the website of what the building looked like when renovations started.

Above where you see all the lanterns is the dining room open to the courtyard. Below you see the dining room where breakfast is served and where you also can eat at anytime. There is also room service and you can naturally choose to sit anywhere in this lovely casa.

If you want to see what Cartagena looks like outside this lovey hotel click HERE and see my previous blogpost.

What can I say,  I would like to come back. Can you tell? I really felt at home here. Never imagined this color scheme would fit me so well. The fact is it´s perfect here. Add to that the staff that here is the best I experienced in Colombia.

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