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You know the feeling when you are going to a meeting that is real close. It will only take you ten minutes to walk there and yet your are late. That´s exactly how I felt walking in a fast pace towards Färg Blanche studio on Södermalm in Stockholm. It only takes me 10 min to walk from my studio to theirs, still I am somewhat late so making an entrance to live music is a joy. See the video of my entrance below.



I stand outside the large wooden door and ring the bell and hear music faintly coming from inside.  I have been here before but this time it´s for Emma & Fredrik´s new design for Johansson Design. A yet unrevealed collaboration for their new design project that they will announce tonight. Had to take a video of the twirling lamp in the entrance…




We are welcomed and introduced to Norma by Fredrik&Emma personally.  Norma is a new seating system, easy chair and sofa with a extra special padding. Layers of textile like a throw or three that have been perfectly styled permanently on the sofa. Left stylishly to enhance the seat.


The layering becomes ever more visual from the back of the seat.


The idea being that the seat can be made into the color or texture you want. Offering a choice to architects and interior designers to be a able to create their own version of this chair from the Norma matrix.

  Norma can naturally be had in only one type of textile and color as well.


We are ushered to our seats. Our placement is written directly on the table surface with our names.


The chair called Frankie that you see in the photo above is the predecessor to Norma. Frankie is named after the creator of lindy hop, Frankie Manning. His wife was called Norma and that is why the leading lady/easy chair/sofa is called Norma and why we are here tonight.



The plate and cup/bowl we will be eating from is Färg Blanche for French Petite Friture. Here with a serving of delicious pumpkin  soup and homemade ginger hard bread with a ecological soft cheese. It´s a piece of brown waxed sandwich paper underneath it all. The food is  catered and served by Curlyfood.


I take a walk after the lovely desert looking at the studio showing off the different design and methods of making and  various collected machines and objects.

On the table are the molds used for making the Petite Friture table ware we have been eating from.

If you went to Milan furniture fair last year you saw this extravaganza of a chair at Färg Blanche exhibit Armor mon amour. 


Haute couture furniture meaning all specially made prototypes not meant for production but for unique  occasions all created by our host of this generous evening, Fredrik&Emma, Färg Blanche.


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