Can you change the color of hard wood floors?

Marianne Schönning,my mother, designed the kitchen table and made the suede ceiling lamp. The suede runner was part of a small suede luxury collection I designed and sold via my web shop. The floor looks really nice in this dark version with the interiors chosen.

I just came home from Getterön and my mom&dads home. They got really tired of the oak turning so yellow (well, mom did) so they wanted to change the color from worn Swedish oak to dark  grey/black (ish) and asked me for the best product.

I´ve used Osmo oils for jobs like this so that is what I recommended. I also said that they should get professionals to do it. Said and done. Mom&Dad went to Colorama Varberg and they took the entire job giving a total solution with everything from the sanding of the floors to the finished coloring of the floor all dark in the chosen product selected with advice from Colorama´s specialists.

After less then a couple of months the dark Osmo oils started to wear off. Well, at least thats´s what we thought. It looked as though the oil just did not stay/stick the way you expect it to. But after a thorough investigation it was determined that the prework i.e the sanding and the type of machine used and the way it was done was not the proper way to do it.



Well…before we got anybody to come and look we emailed and called Osmo for months. We also contacted Colorama Varberg. Patience paid off and the professionals came to find the explanation and we are now awaiting help to get the whole floor redone.

So if something like this happens to you, do not give up. It´s not easy to find the right person to make a complaint at any company and when you do you do not know if anything will happen. In this case persistence was very important and as of now the floor still is not redone…

There have been explanations to that and excuses were made, but still, the floor still looks like it does with the large worn off section.


The vase is from Jimsch first collection in my design called Chemistry.

When I am at Getterön this is where I sit and work. Miss Morris lays in the sofa next to me and I sit with the view of the ocean. Love working from this room. The floor here are dark grey/black tiles which also was a reason for coloring the oak floor, which is the next room.


Sitting under the fig tree in the conservatory is a favorit work spot. Here we sit on the suede throws from my collection with stitched numbers.

If you have any questions don´t hesitate to comment here or email me at The question that needs answering : Can you change the color of hard wood floors – will then be, yes, but it can sure be tricky if it´s not done right.

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