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Flew into California on friday so have had a weekend with my friends dreaming here and will now go for my monday job meetings which will be a lot of fun. This is what I did this weekend :

I´m staying with a friend that is working with theatre in Berkeley in the San Franscico Bay area. He is here with a new musical launched at the Berkeley Rep but usually lives in NYC.

I have the weekend off so when Im not seeing friends I´m just walking around looking at the city and finding this wonderful yellow Datura. In this sunny climate there is so much you can grow if you just take care of it.

Do you know from which tree this branch is taken ? Check at the bottom of the post for the answer.

Who does not get inspired by the beauty of flowers?

Walking to the restaurant in Downtown Oakland that used to be worn down but now is hip to live and prices have gone up accordingly.

Meeting friends for dinner at Duende that is a Spanish restaurant with a modern cuisine. I really liked the interiors in this converted factory space. This stained black huge wall has such an impact on the feeling of this interiors.

After a good dinner with friends I am off to see Ain´t to proud at the Berkeley Rep Theatre on Addison St in Berkeley.

This is the amazing cast of the all new musical Ain´t to proud about THE TEMPTATIONS Jeremy Pope, Derrick Baskin, Jared Joseph, Ephraim Sykes an in the bottom middle my friend James Harkness in the white shirt and black hat.

I am so happy I could come and visit and see this musical that will do so well and in my opinion is Broadway bound. Since it´s not allowed to take photos at theatre performances this is all I can show you. I recommend you see  Ain´t to proud when you can.

Berkeley is know for it´s university, has many churches and buildings from 1920-1940. Not all of them this beautiful as this church though.

Finding a lot of wall art that I like.

Really like the wall art on this house. The birds on a wire are such a wonderful decoration, don´t you think ? You almost can not see which wire is real and which is painted.

Homes have become a political and humanitarian platform where you post your opinions and believes. You see a lot of signs with views outside private homes.

When in Rome…when you are in California you have to have brunch right ? I had a todays special here which was the crab omelet. Soooo good! Like this space that is also a former industrial building turned restaurant called Townie.

Everywhere flowers are in bloom.

At friends house for dinner that has a bird feeder for hummingbirds/kollibri. They are so amazing these fast flying creatures.

Getting the best help to reserve a table at this place I will show you later. Is´nt she so beautiful!

Bogainvillea is everywhere.

When in the Bay area water is always close. You know I love the sea!

My friends dog Jasper was my date for the evening. He took so good care of me and I ended up taking his picture. Jasper followed us out to see the pride and joy of the car collection. What a 1969 Camaro beauty!

Agave all all kinds  is used everywhere. It loves this climate and needs very little water. I am infatuated with these all green flower shapes it creates. Did you know that agave is what you make sisal flooring from and tequila as well ?

Now I am off to my monday meetings so will do some work here as well. Feels so good to be here. OH! almost forgot,   the branch I am holding is from the eucalyptus tree. Love the scent!


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