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Traveling in the Colombian Andes by car is an experience I want to call an expedition more than saying trip. Driving upwards seeing these Colombian alps of green mountain grandeur is an experience I will never forget. It is breathtakingly beautiful up here in the Andes. We´re driving from Villa De Leyva over the mountains to Bucaramanga to visit friends of my hosts and then from there go back up in the Andes to see the village of Barichiara.



I admit that I had never heard about the city of Bucaramanga before I came to Colombia. I am so sorry. My fault I fear (!) Coming here is a pleasant surprise. The half a million city is called ”La ciudad de los Parques” The city of Parks. Not that I am showing you lots of photos of the parks, but just so you know. If you count the greater metropolitan area of Bucaramanga there are over  1 140 000 inhabitants. We spent the evening on our friends roof terrace, had a dip in the pool and drinks and was blessed with this sunset you see below.


Photo taken by Liliana showing the colors of the sunset our night in Bucaramanga


To keep as few cars in in the overcrowded streets in the cities of Colombia the country has a developed a smart system that lets cars with even number ending of the license plate number to drive on even days and so on. So when we come out to the parking lot after breakfast on the balcony in the morning we realize that my rental car has the wrong number for being allowed to drive in Bucaramanga today…

Faster than speeding ticket Daniel comes up with the idea that we call a tow truck and have the car towed out of the zone that we are not allowed to drive in…How clever was that! Said and done. After the call is made the truck shows up after 20 min! We are all driven in the car of our hosts for our Bucaramanga evening Liliana, Gerardo and their beautiful daughter María José to the place outside the no driving zone.


Back up in the amazing views of the Andes. Daniel is driving and we make a lot of stops to get out and just enjoy the stunning mountain views I just can not have enough of. It´s so green and grand!


Daniel is having a stretch with a view after driving.

Before we arrive at the village of Barichara we stop to have a meal at hotel Terra. See the outdoor pool area and the view in the video below. This is a place I will come back to. Stay over, relax and just hang out by the pool or meditate over a morning coffey. Stunning Andes views and serenity that I will never forget.


What an inviting free feeling it is high up in these mountains. Feels like you can touch the clouds. Think I will go in for a dip in the pool. It looks so good!

Daniel took a nap on the floor. A found him like this and almost got scared. Driving on these windling roads takes all your concentration. It´s not the speed, just the narrow roads and a lot of traffic. So I really understand he needs a nap. We order som refreshing drinks meanwhile and then have a wonderful Italian meal here at Hotel Terra.


Refreshing mint infused drinks in the afternoon sun.
We choose to sit on the veranda overlooking the mountains and the pool area.


Barichara is a welcoming and gorgeous little artist village perched beside the canyon of the Suarez River with a stunning view over the region. The weather stays around 20 degrees celsius all year round. The beauty of the well kept historic village has inspired artists since long. You also find artisans of all kinds, especially stonemasons and vegetable fiber equilibrists and handmade cigar producers in this area.


Barichara is situated on a hill with narrow streets and white stone facades with terra cotta roof tiles. Photo from Aventure Colombia
18th century Cathedral de la Immaculada Concepcion, Barichara, Colombia. Photo from Aventure Colombia
Walking up the hill I find all these great looking boutique hotels that call me in to their court yards. Don´t you just love this…!
The fountain in the square in front of the Cathedral almost looked like a mill with the palm tree in the back in my photo. Really get inspired in Barichara. So beautiful everywhere.
I get to the top of the hill as the nigh falls and the church that i reach got a very dramatic look. The old natural stona facades are a true favorite of mine. Time to walk back to the car and drive back to Villa De Leyva.


The majestic Andes is a magical place to visit. Bucaramanga was a treat to see and the beauty of Barichara will always stay with me. Would like to come back to this little quaint village and stay overnight in one of these wonderful boutique hotels with a court yard and try the local cuisine. Colombia just keep on delivering.


The flowers of Colombia

Thank you Dear friends Daniel&Julia for showing us your fav spots. I will never ever forget this trip in the Andes by car and I will come back whenever you feel that it´s possible to harass (!) you again.

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