Blown up in Bogotá


My first visit to Bogotá, Colombia. Came in last night with my friends living in Villa De Leyva. Drove from the mountains and checked into a nice Airbnb apartment. Now on our way to have breakfast and then take a walk to the colonial center of the city called La Candelaria passing Plaza De Bolivar to go to a a exhibition by a Cuban collective called Los Carpinteros/The Carpenters. Check at the bottom if you want to know what I mean with blown up in Bogotá.


Plaza de Bolivar

The feeling in the streets is kind and welcoming. Finding lot´s of fine handicraft and different handmade products. Look at these leather sandals. People here are convinced it´s winter, but to me it´s more like Swedish summer.

The old town and colorful colonial original part of Bogotá is called La Candelaria.

Entering into the museum is via this beautiful garden. We also pass the Botero Museum that I do want to check next time I´m here.

We made it to MAMU.


We are looking at the Cuban Collective´s exhibit La cosa está candela/The thing is burning at Miguel Urrutia Art Museum called MAMU

In Spanish this is what is said about La cosa está candela :

Los mediadores realizan un recorrido para todos los públicos, a través de los singulares objetos que construyen Los Carpinteros, reconociendo algunos elementos determinantes en su producción como la transformación del sentido de los objetos cotidianos mediante el cambio de sus características originales.

In Eng :

The mediators make a journey for all audiences, through the unique objects that The Carpenters build, recognizing some determining elements in their production as the transformation of the meaning of everyday objects by changing their original characteristics.

First I just saw a plane. When you look closer you see the arrows everywhere.

This piece is made in concrete in a flowerlike shape. It is more than 2 meters x 2 meters and aprox. 50 cm high.

There is a large hole in the wall. Through the hole in the broken wall I see something my eyes first can not make sense of. This piece first looks like a photo only from this end, but….


….but as you see it´s a big installation on the other side of the wall. It looks like a frozen moment just as the explosion has gone of and the whole meeting room is going to pieces. Totally blown up in Bogotá I would say. Actually that is what Los Carpinteros did. The asked to blow up one of the office meeting rooms at the museum and from the pieces of the the broken material composed this installation.


I just could not stop looking at it. Even if you see the string holding all the objects you so strongly get the feeling of a millisecond of an explosion.


What a great cultural Bogotá day filled with inspiring creativeness.Thank you!

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