Balenciaga : Shaping fashion at the V and A


In London for inspiration and now off to see the Balenciaga exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum, more known as the V&A.

Spanish Christóbal Balenciaga who with his tailored garment statements in the fifties and sixties majorly influenced fashion of today. Since fashion and interiors are intertwined I get so much from seeing the real handicraft of successful fashionistas work up close.

The Victoria and Albert Museum (often abbreviated as the V&A), London, is the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design, housing a permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects (!) It was founded in 1852 and named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

To just have a coffey in th courtyard by the pond at the V&A is really nice. Don´t you just love the Bertoia chair with the Saarinen marble table as the outdoor furniture by the building from 1885. Eclectic taste at it´s best in my opinion.

In Womens Wear daily sometimes called the bible of fashion, when Cristóbal Balenciaga died 1972,  was written :  the father of contemporary fashion is dead, but his influence remains.


Fluff&frills gone mad. I just love the creativity.

Great look if you are pregnant (if you have room for your stomach in there that is) or if you have gained a few pounds to many. Just kidding really. Love the craziness and nonconformity of it all.

The round shapes and the very dressed statement shines through in many garments. Balenciaga was also famous for multifunction, for example making a skirt that also could be worn as a cape. Here you can see what American Vogue wrote about Balenciaga on his 120 year anniversary. See what The house of Balenciaga is upto 2017 here.

I enjoyed seeing the way Balenciaga worked with his notebook and sketches.

The building itself and rooms like the library at V&A are worth the visit in itself.

Objects that i fancy walking around checking all the treasures outside of the Balenciaga exhibit in this huge museum.

Religious and ceremonial objects that has been given care and design with opulence and magnificent craftsmanship is so interesting to see up close. There is so much to see here at V&A.

At the very end ( yes there are lots of sculptures to see as well) I can just say I love coming here and wish I had more time to go in a and see the Pink Floyd exhibit called : Their mortal remains. The first international retrospective of one of the most iconic and influential bands. Next time!

You can catch the Balenciaga exhibit until Feb -18. When in London do not miss my other favorite place to visit here that I just did for the first time :  The royal botanic gardens The Kew, that I just blogged about. 

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