Back in Bangkok

Photo Jimmy Schönning


Arrived in Bangkok, Thailand on New Years Eve. Took a taxi from the airport to my long time friend and photographer PM Persson at Sukhumvit Soi 6. Great to meet after not seeing each other for a long time, we had a glass of wine in his apartment of the 9th floor overlooking the warm velvet darkness of the big city of Bkk.

After the merry celebrations of 2018 I met up with Malin&Jens Karstensson of Mimou and had a drink at Shangri-La before going for dinner a block down at cool&cosy Jack´s.  Always good to meet and it was over two years ago we had dinner at magical Mandarin Oriental here in Bkk.


Check out the beauty of this building. The proportions and the incorporated gardens &greens. Lovely. Photo Jimmy Schönning


I´ve been coming to Bkk for many years now since PM and his wife Ann and I together had the production of the handmade Soomkai lamp in Thailand that I designed and we sold through Watt&Veke and since they live here we always met up here.  This time I will also meet up with a new production contact for my brand Jimsch for a bamboo and brass idea that has been in the pipeline for some time.


Photo Jimmy Schönning


For the weekend we took time off and took the three hour busride to Ban Phe and took the slow boat out to Koh Samet where we have been before to get away for some days from the craziness of Bkk for a while. The style and hotel interiors and outdoor places always inspire me. This is the pool area at Mooban Talay Resort.


Photo PM Persson


We found this lovely spot on the beach under some trees right next to the water. Having a photographer as a friend often result in amazing photos that I treasure


Photo Jimmy Schönning

Loved this serving of a cupcake. Some whip cream and strawberries on top and inside actually. Like the wood plate, fork&spoon that was a good choice instead of all of this waste plastic you see so much of in Thailand.


I love trees. I don’t hug them but want to stay close. This one talked to me in a exceptional way. It´s such a beautiful tree trunk! PM took the photo. Thank you so much!



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