Apartment love at first sight


Photo Per Magnus Persson

It was apartment love at first sight when I first came to the home of friends Daniel&Julia and their daughter Züe. I was really taken with the clever layout of these 50 sqm. The fact that I love these friends as well does not make it any worse.This compact living place has stayed on my mind since the first time I saw it. At the bottom you find their latest home in Colombia. Yes, in South America. Not in Stockholm, Sweden like this one.

The smart use of space throughout this home makes it suitable for a small family although it from the beginning was just a one bedroom flat. It now has three sleeping spaces. Not full rooms but smartly made so that each bed has its own secluded area.

The total remake idea of this home comes from artist&interiorista Daniel Nyström that works as an interior architect. Per Magnus Persson photographed and I styled this shoot of the flat and it was feautured in Swedish Residence which is a interior monthly magazine.On Instagram you find Daniel at @danielnysteom only, not on Facebook at all.

Where the greens are coming down you have one of the two elevated bed spaces. You come up via a small stair/ladder that takes very little space and supplies both upstairs resting/lounging/sleeping quarters. The kitchen is Daniel´s own design.

Not having any cupboards on the wall above the workspace creates a calm impression of the kitchen.

The separating wall of the fridge is painted matt black.

The vintage metal boxes break the perfect white impression and supply good storage. Every square cm counts and can be put to good use.

The choice of not having a big couch gives a lot of space. The easy chairs are from Moroso Diesel. The floor lamp is from Nyström Persia, which was the company and brand that Daniel used to have with Christian Persia.

The existing old wooden plank floors have been painted in a medium grey tone accentuating the wall with the beautiful arched windows even more.

The new room built that holds the mini bedroom with another bed on top matches the height of the simple tall beauty of the tiled stove, that works and provides good heat in the cold months. The bespoke shelves are off course Daniel´s own design. The Moroso Diesel pouf is needed extra seating. The old Chinese antique herb chest of drawers certainly take center stage here. Have you come to understand my apartment love at first sight ?


The sight of yarn of unusual kinds laying about is natural in this home. Daniel is a frequent knitter as well as clothes&hat maker.

Glass artist and friend of Daniel, Elisabeth Henriksson has created the unique glass vessels (yes Julia, those orchids are stolen from your pots…sorry but they fit perfectly!)

A bed with a view. On top of the downstairs small bedroom is the bed space that looks over the living room and the tiled stove. In the photo below you see what the small bedroom with a double bed looks like that is underneath.

Daniel without a hat on is something you rarely see. Here in his element knitting away barefoot just being himself. Love this portrait of him by Per Magnus. Contact Daniel via his new company email at daniel@yodoi.se

In the rather large hallway where the entrance is the whole wall has been used for bespoke open shelving and closet space.

If you keep this type of order among your shoes then open shelving is amazing. Right ?

So what is this photo doing here?  Clearly it has noting to do with the apartment we have just been looking at? But it does! This is Daniels latest project in Villa De Leyva i Colombia. Together with his partner Julia Peralta they are building a new home 130 km northeast of the capitol Bogotá. The photo above is taken by Daniel when the finishing touches of their home away from home in Colombia is being done.  I am going to see my friends in the end of October in Colombia and I am so excited I can not tell you.

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