Crazy Christmas deco feeling



The snow fell all last night in Stockholm and this evening when I went out I just got overwhelmed with the best type of Christmas feelings. Don´t you just love that!

Seing the X mas trees outside filled with snow&lights I remembered the outstanding X mas deco that I found at Anthropolgie that you can shop online and have delivered home.  

Have not had one thought of decorating the tree until today and just remebered these fun & well made X mas ornaments I really liked but looked at this fall. Now is the time for X mas deco. This is not an ad. Just me liking what I found. Just so that you know….


Found more fun X mas deco here in one place than I ever have anywhere.


Fun&different and still nice looking. Not all crazy weird.

Have a happy fishmas!

Love this little red bag!

This cute bunny and all of the Xmas Deco above you find at Anthropologie. Just click here and see all they have.


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