Art and history at home with André Prah


IMG_3985All photos by Per Magnus Persson



This view of the house where André Prah lives&works is the first I get after we have parked under the oak tree. We are in Skåne, Sweden,  in the countryside not far from the city of Höör.  I drove here with friend&photographer Per Magnus Persson to create an editorial piece about this to me extremely inspiring way of creating and living with art that André Prah always has represented to me.

Being a friend of my mothers for many years I have had the pleasure of meeting André several times both around Stockholm and since he moved to this fantastically restored historic home&studio dating back to the 1700´s in Skåne.

André has always worked with art in all the ways possible for him. At times viewed&appreciated all over the world working for New York Times and sometimes not noticed at all for his cultural deed. Whatever the case André lives and works in his studio.

The open glass door leads into his studio where his art usually is created. Nowadays André works mostly as a sculputor with materials as wood, steelnet, bonsaiwire and sometimes the pieces are enhanced with audiovisual effects.

André Prah´s political drawings were published in print media in Sweden as well as internationally for decades as well as his watercolor paintings.


Through the open door of the historic typical building of this region with the astonishingly beautiful thatched roof you see  a glimpse of a André Prah bonsai wire sculpture.


Potted plants in still lifes are arranged around the house.


The passage between the main house and the studio.


At home with André Prah and his art.


Detail of chosen materials by André in his sculpture.



I denna skulptur ingår en minikopia av detta fantastiska hus som André lever&arbetar i.


The bathroom is made for relaxing and the free standing bathtub takes center stage.


Mementos. I mentioned that I was impressed by the turtle shell hanging in the bathroom and that I thought it was really beautiful. André came by and gave it to me and said that the shell  had been given to him and since I liked it I should have it. So now my friends are giving me a hard time about why I have a turtle shell…


From the comfortable collection of design seats such as Eero Arnios Ball chair and Ray&Charles Eames 670 lounge chair,  you see both the open fire and the tv.


This is one of the horses that has become an artistic obsession of André Prah´s The icehorses of ladoga is a magnificent piece where horses created out of withered pieces of wood telling a true and sad story from the second world war. André has made over 500 hundred wood horses for this piece of art.

IMG_3975All photos in this editorial are originals by Per Magnus Persson,  which means that they are his property according to Swedish law. If you use any of these photos you are committing the act of stealing. Per Magnus and I have an agreement that whenever we work together where I am the stylist or editor and he is the photographer we own 50% of the rights to the photo each. Which then means that you have to ask permission from us both to be able to use these photos or ask to buy the rights to usage.


The bonsai wire sculptures by André tells stories of people and events he sees as significant.


As a lover of fine clothing André has the most unique hall way storage piece from antique travel luggage.


Bonsai wire sculptures inhabit this artful home as well as the artist and his family.


Some of the wooden horse sculptures has moved into the dining room.


The old wood stove is used still.


The kitchen exhibits a fine antique merchant bench.


André Prah in his studio sitting in front of his unique wood horse sculptures.
IMG_3983 The studio has a separate entrance and windows towards the garden.


As I see this home as an amazing artful inspiration I made the call to make an editorial piece that was meant to end up as an article in a Swedish interior magazine like I have done so many times before.  But since no interest was given from print media I decided to share what I consider a personal, artful and truly eclectic interior with you here.

Thank you André with family for having us over. The cinnamon roles will never be forgotten.





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