Tjolöholm revisited




When having a summer drink with my Designbloggarna colleague FloristUlrik at Varberg Stadsthotell (where we had our Designblog conference last year) he asked if I have been to Tjolöholm Castle ? My answer was that I  have been there several times every year growing up between Kungsbacka&Varberg (Tjolöholm Castle is located on the coast between the two cities),  but not in the past 4 years.

So when I had a friend visiting who wanted to see fantastic historic architecture & a castle garden by the sea I took him to Tjolöholm. The castle was designed in Tudor style but finished as late as 1904 by Lars Israel Wahlman for Blanche & James Fredrik Dickson.  The interior is amazingly intact and if you come do not miss to take a tour. You might have seen the castle interiors since it has been televised in a Lucia celebration previously and been in films.

This time my focus was on the garden. Through the years ( we are talking many years that I have visited this castle…over 40) the garden has never looked as inviting as it now does. As my Designbloggarna colleague Ulrik pointed out, his brother Kenneth Krabbe and fellow gardiners have made an amazing face lift garden style on this fantastic property. Since John Taylor is the new English historic garden consultant,  it must mean that Tjolöholm Slott/Castle is taking the garden seriously in the coming future as well. John Taylor is not the new Head Gardiner at Tjolöholm Castle as journalists have written the past month.


Tjolöholm Castle in the summer sun.


My italian guest Translator Lorenzo Donvito looks like he enjoys the surroundings.


The scents of Tjolöholm.


Inviting seats for green meditation.

IMG_3903 The circle of life.


As a kid I loved this leaf covered facade and I still do.


Beautiful garden thistles.


100 years ago (!) perhaps…we had a dance fashion show for my mother Marianne Schönning suede clothes company Mocka of Sweden here at Tjolöholm. At her website you can see more of the dance team and me who created it and Marianne´s design suede off course.

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