Peach to umber color tendence



Peach/persika in a photo I did not take myself.


A leafy green with lots of trendy reds.


The best  oldschool paper interior mag to forecast trends globally in my opionon is Elle Decoration UK. Well globally is over-exaggerating. When a middle age caucasian Suede says globally we mostly mean parts of Europe and North America. So…that´s what I mean.In its Aug issue Elle Decoration describes one of the trends on design color details as

Peach to Umber

Peach being the fruit we all know but have not thought of how many hues its soft skin offers. Umber/umbra is a natural reddish-brown earth pigment that contains iron oxide. Umber is darker than ochre/ockra.

Elle Decoration, UK explains Peach to Umber : from palest pinks trough to deep terracottas, the accent color du jour are the warm end of the spectrum.

I could not agree more with the fact that these warm hues are what is now. I have listened to several trend guru´s the last year and visited many interior fairs feeling the same.

Since the warm reds compliment all the greens we have taken to heart, and as it seems will continue to do, it´s a perfect match. In nature greens and reds live close together.

I went out on my favorite island Getterön to find the red tones I miss in interiors. Elle Decoration being so far ahead trend wise we might expect these heated hues to land in stores beginning next year apart from the the pale pinks that are all over Scandinavia this fall.

I really fall for the rusty red tones myself.

Are you peachy or do you go for umbre ?


Enjoy your summer days






Stone fans.


The rocks on Getterön supply good warm red color hues ombré style.


Hands down, I love rusty reds.


Yep, rust is me.

IMG_3717 Ombré is the gradual blending of one color hue to another which is another trend mentioned by Elle Decoration, UK in its Aug issue.

IMG_3719 Umbre/umbra in a photo I did not take.



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