Silvia K Ceramics from London via NYC to Brighton



Studio Silvia K Ceramics, Brighton.

When I´m in London I make sure I do King´s Rd. Last year when I made my my way around  Designers Guild on King´s Rd  I found this hanging ceramic plate on the wall. I stopped and took a picture because I liked the object and it talked to me. Eventually I blogged about it not knowing who had created the ceramic plate hanging in a leather strap on the wall at Designer Guild.


When I got to NYC recently and found the same plate again at New York Design Days I met Silvia, the award winning ceramist behind studio Silvia K Ceramics.

Silvia K Ceramics is a studio in the heart of Brighton, East Sussex, UK. The studio was established by Silvia in 2012. Coming from Slovakia, Silvia has always had a passion and respect for crafts. She believes that heritage is a vital element of our cultural and social history.  Silvia´s ideas are fueled by her research into ceramic ware from sources as diverse as Spanish drug jars to Iraqi dinner plates. Her collections are contemporary interpretation of old artefacts.

All pieces in her latest range are made by hand in Silvia’s favorite terracotta clay that has been fired to mid temperature to give it a beautiful rich red colour. The iron in the clay finds its way through the grey-blue tin glaze and results in uniquely varying waves of speckles around the edges of the ware. The simple decorative quality of a coloured line is achieved through the use of a palette of complementary colours.


Silvia in her Studio in Brighton


The handles or leather straps make Silvia K pieces unique.

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So really from Brighton via King´s Road in London to New York design days I am very proud to show Silvia K ceramics here on the blog. I really fall for her interpretation of traditional artefacts.




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