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The fun and creative still life on the wall against the blackboard paint is what draws my eye along with the fact that the hallway is so big that putting a  bike in does not really steal any room. The boating style of stairs really gives a lasting impression.

This is a home that inspires me.  I love looking in magazines and seeing the homes of creative folks. I used to do home shoots like this for magazines often. But nowadays in Sweden it pays so little for a job like this that I stopped. Some Swedish magazine pay less or the same salary to the photographer and the stylist as they did 20 years ago. So, you can tell that paper magazines are not on the rise…

However, I love to look at inspiring homes. Homes that are truly made by passionate people. Men&women that love to make the most out of their home. To see the solutions that are made especially for the individual or family is what I go for.

In Europe one of my favorite magazines are only made for the Dutch market. VT wonen is a truly inspiring magazine and online pages that give that extra something all the time. Mind you, I don´t speak Dutch but I love the creative minds that work with this magazine along with their editorial office. Their work stands out. I have said that before and say it again. VT wonen is one of my favorite interior magz.


The inviting simplicity of a modern country kitchen.


Wooden walls. Standing panels. New thinking/old ideas. It feels so right. So now. Sustainable. Swedes will think of bastu/sauna. I think it looks amazing.


The use of tiles here is something to remember. To build shelves that perfectly fit and then tile the surface is a trick I love to use myself in tricky bathroom&kitchen interiors. What do you think ? I love it. Notice and please remember to put tiles on the bottom of shelves and naturally the sides. The oversized sink is a wonderful detail that brings so much to the feeling of this kitchen.


Bespoke shelving and the use of tiles makes for a unique bathroom.


If you like the look these walls have you have to check out tadelakt. If you never heared of tadelakt you google it right now and check out this websit in Sweden www.tadelakt.se 

If you live elswhere just look online and googel TADELAKT.

zithoek-leren-draaifauteuil overloop-bovenverdieping

Stairs/trappor. There are so many ugly and to expensive versions. Go the extra mile. Check out what would fit your space. This solution is gorgeous here and could be made by a blacksmith/smed to fit your special needs without being to expensive.


That´s  all from this home story styled by Esther Jostmeijer och photographed by Louis Lemaire for Dutch interior inspirational magazine VT wonen.

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