My Swedish summer lovin´


Miss Morris in a hat on the terrace. It´s summer.


The scents of summer at Getterön. For me this is as good as it gets scentwise. Roses and honeysuckle together is beyond magical.  Both grow wild here but you also find them in all the gardens. Our house by the sea at Getterön is a family affair. My fathers parents made a summer home for themselves  and their only son, my father in 1958. Nowadays my mother&father live here at Getterön.

IMG_3483 Walking up to my tiny beloved cottage on a summer evening like this the lavender caress you. Lavender is very high on my list of summer scents. Can you feel it ?


Seafood of all kinds are loved,prepared and enjoyed at our house. Mackerel is a favorite.


An addition to the house was made last year. A greenhouse.


The nature reserve that is part of the island is my favorite retreat. I never have enough of sea&solitude.

IMG_3493My mom took this photo of me. Getterön is where I spend time with my family. Mostly in summer.


Greens and rust tones are favorites.


Nowhere else do I fall asleep in a deckchair like here.


A turkish metal bowl found on a trip mom&I did for her work serves as a ever changing still life. Birds like it as well.


The beaches on the island are packed in the daytime, but early in the morning everything is so quiet.


Miss Morris is charging…


My mother  is born a Pisces/fiskarna. She loves fish of all kinds and got this fountain from me a long time ago. So long ago I had forgotten about it almost…


There are rainy days as well at Getterön. Not that many though. Last year we planted bluebells in these rain boots.

IMG_3513 The calm. This is NOT the norm. But it happens and when it does it is magic.


A mattress, pillows and a good book is bliss.


Evenings on the terrace.


People say they buy cheap plastic outdoor furniture because they can not afford better. Mom&dad bought these teak furniture 26 years ago. They are more beautiful now than when they bought them.


My mother has green fingers and loves plants. The cement bowl on foot is a gift from me a long time ago.



I hope you liked to see a little bit of what I love in the summer.

All my best to you





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