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Last weekend I travelled from Lundagatan 35 in the afternoon on the subway to Stockholm Centralstation where I took the express train to the airport. I flew via Athens, Greece to Tel Aviv ,Israel and grabbed a taxi to go to Montefiori street after midnight.

Thursday of this week I got in the car, drove 3 minutes and got hit by a truck. No one was hurt. My car is at the garage but both the driver of the truck and me are fine. Our vehicles took the hit. Due to this happening my experience of everything around me has a new meaning. It´s just human. So, back to Tel Aviv and last weekend :

I want to show you the Ilana Goor museum and the beauty of the sculpture park on the roof top terrace looking out over the mediterranean.  To me it was an amazing experience. I did not want to leave. True beauty does that to me. I just want to stay.



Ilana Goor Residence and Museum is an Israeli museum situated in the historical part of Jaffa, the Mediterranean port town south of Tel Aviv. The museum was founded in 1995 by Ilana Goor, an artist, designer and sculptor and exhibits a collection of International art&design as well as Ilana Goor artpieces.





Ilana Goor bronze birds.


IMG_2601 IMG_2598

From the Ilana Goor website :

Ilana Goor is an individualistic, autodidactic, intuitive and multifaceted artist. As an artist who knows no boundaries and whose art transcends any conventions, her creations are a blend of vitality and obsession, functional simplicity alongside expressive complexity bordering on surrealism. Her sources of inspiration are neither time nor place-dependent. They create a personal statement, a journey replete with meaning and they succeed in touching and moving people the world over.

Goor was born in Tiberias to an educated and distinguished family of highly respected doctors and artists. She never studied art or design in any formal setting. She developed her artistic techniques on her own from an early age, when she used various parts to create small statues. She is considered to be an international multidisciplinary artist. Her works encompass sculpture, furniture judaica, lighting fixtures, jewelry and fashion items which are displayed in well known galleries worldwide and are distinguished by their powerful, dominant presence.

She first came to the United States in her 20s and captured the hearts of the locals with her large-buckle belts for men which paved her artistic path in North America.  As a result, Goor has been able to launch her impressive talents and has dedicated her main efforts to industry. Goor’s first one-woman exhibition was held in 1972 at the California Museum of Science and Industry in Los Angeles. Since then, her works of art have been exhibited in numerous museums both in Israel and abroad, e.g. the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Museum of 20th Century Art in Vienna, and more.

One of the high points in Goor’s career in the field of design was in 1986 when she won the prestigious Peres Roscoe Design prize.  Her signature, which is identified in all her work  can also be seen in a number of locations in Israel, such as the moving sculpture ”Never Again” which is on display at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and the ”Woman in the Wind” sculpture that is close to the Charles Clore park in Tel Aviv.



This is my own favorite Ilana Goor bronze on the terrace

IMG_2604  IMG_2606

The Museum building stands on a hill in Old Jaffa and constitutes an architectural pearl and a work of art in itself with its unique view of the Mediterranean Sea. The Museum experience allows the visitors to depart on a fascinating journey which starts in the 18th century. The building was constructed in 1742, as the first Jewish home outside of the Jaffa. The original function of the building was as an inn for pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem. Apart from it being a half-way stop for the pilgrims, it also served as a shelter protecting them from robbers, who roamed the walls of Old Jaffa.

In the second half of the 19th century the building served as a factory for the manufacture of soaps and perfumes based on olive oil which was, at that time, a major export for the Land of Israel.In 1949 the building was used in part as a synagogue for a community of Libyan Jews.

In the fifties new immigrants from the Balkan States were housed in Jaffa and the Museum building also served then as housing, under difficult sanitation conditions, without a regular supply of electricity and water. In the seventies Old Jaffa attracted many artists who decided to live in the area and to open small, unique galleries there.

Ilana Goor also came to the area and in 1983 purchased a small part of the ancient building which served her at that time as a private residence. At the start of the nineties she decided to open a Museum in Israel in which she would be able to display her artworks and her huge art collection. In due course she purchased the rest of the building without knowing what was contained in it. She immediately began intensive reconstruction work which took three years during which she found some sensational discoveries including pieces of actual information which verified records found in historical documents.


I emerge into the beauty here. I want to look at everything and just enjoy.


Midday and sunny with no clouds out on the terrace guarded by the Ilana Goor bronze creatues.




If you come to Tel Aviv – don´t miss out on the opportunity to get inspired the Ilana Goor way. Thank you for reminding me to write in english Maor.


All my best to you all





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