2room&greens Vallastaden 2017




Good friends kick your butt. That is exactly what my Israeli friend Maor Gil did. When I publish blogposts only in Swedish he says. So, great that you write in a language that only 10 miljon can read when you can reach so many more around the world with your second language. The fact that all of the Swedes can read English does not make it more understandable…. He is right. So I am taking a step towards being more including and have added english to my post on my own exhibit at Vallastaden. I really hope you enjoy reading about it. Thank you Maor! Click HERE for access to the new and updated Eng version of my post.

Shining light on the importance of including more readers by writing in english. The textile cord and cork lamp holder with gorgeous led bulbs come from Nud Collection and are part of my exhibit 2room&greens at Vallastaden2017, Linköping, Sweden.


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