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So what I think is that after we have dropped of the RV we are off to Nic&Ross home in Salem, Oregon (see previous post) for the weekend. I am so mistaken.

Nic tells me to just bring everything and after we have cleaned and dropped of the rental RV (se previous post if you don´t understand) We are off to Portland.

Portland is about as big as Stockholm when it comes to population, so not such a big city and it´s not the capitol of Oregon which I thought… Salem is the capitol.

We arrive at The Monaco and wait in the colorful eclectic lobby to be checked in. We get our rooms and this is what it looks like  :

Love the bird wallpaper and the use of patterns everywhere. It is so not my ”thing” but I always appreciate when a unique style is created and this is just that. See my birthday travel bag standing unpacked by the easy chair Monaco Style.

There is a seating area as well. The sofa is a fold out bed and the room feels large, colorful and a bit off the wall. Definitely not seen exactly this interior style done before in a hotel and that I like.

We will head out into the Portland party night this evening, but first we have been recommended to stay for the happy hour here at the Monaco :

This is what the Monaco say about their lobby :

Our lobby is so much more than a space to shuffle through — it’s the talk of the town, with events daily. Visit our nightly social hour, and you’ll hear live music from the likes of local pianists and groups such as gypsy jazz swing band Stumptown Swing and folk-rock trio The Junebugs. We also like to spotlight local vineyards, chocolatiers, and other artisans.

Our pet-friendly wine hour that features occasional visits from our pet psychic was featured in The Points Guy ”11 Outrageous Travel Perks…for Your Pets”.

I LOVE the fact that pets are allowed. Thank you so much for the initiativ Kimpton Hotel Monaco !

The first floor of the Monaco you find art and comfy seating all in their own eclectic style.

After a night out at a sportsbar where we watch an American football game and eat dinner we go barhopping, have a great time, and when we come back we sleep in. We did not book breakfast at the hotel due to Nic&Ross´s plan.

Naturally we have to have saturday brunch and that is what Mother´s is for… Mother´s Bistro is a restaurant that people stand in line for to have brunch at and that is just what we do. But instead of wating in line they take our telephone number and when we are next in line we get a text (!) Great system don´t you think?

So we take a look at the stores around Mother´s and find Portlands Outdoorstore. Love these mosaics in the floor. I find this old cattle tag made into a key holder. You know the tag that nowadays is plastic that every cow get in their ear. It used to be of metal apparently.

Really like the mural on our walk before brunch on the streets of Portland.

We decide to have a Bloody Mary at the Hi-Low since we did not get our text from Mother´s yet.

Which to me was an excellent choice, since I really like the interiors.

The interiors at The Hi-Low are created by Jessica Helgerson

Don´t you just love the hanging sofa kind of daybed?  We get our text that Mother´s have a table for us and we take off. I off course have Eggs Benedict and they were so good. See more about Mother´s Bistro herewhere you also can read about the Mother of the month and what it means.

Now I love the color green so when we are in the Mariujana shop and I find this cool looking green packaged chocolate infused with cannabis and it´s called Grön (yes, in Swedish just like the photo…!)  I just jump for joy. We all find it very funny. Cannabis/Mariujana is legal in Portland, Oregon so we are not doing anything we should not do. Just so you don´t get anny funny ideas.

Since my idea of the most dangerous drug being alcohol and Sweden lives to prove that every day,  I have never understood why Cannabis is considered so dangerous. Alcohol is our real problem in Sweden and the culture of drinking that we have created around it and the way we live to include everyone in our alcohol culture.


Our last destination this evening is the Silverado. The Silverado is a gay club where you find occurrences that you definitely would not find in Sweden. I´ll say no more. I had a fun meeting and conversation with Sugerpill aka Alex Horsey.  She posed for me in her white dress&gloves. Just love a little out of the norm in my life. Don´t you ? Who wants to be ”normal” ? Not me!


Ross&Nic I can not thank you enough for all that you showed me. What a magical weekend in Portland we had. TACK TACK TACK!


Just adore the campaign in Portland that you see all over : KEEP PORTLAND WEIRED. I really hope that they will. It´s a wonderful place just the way it is.


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