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Många år som inredare för olika tv-program gav Jimmy Schönning en uppsjö av egna designidéer. När möjligheten dök upp att förverkliga dem under det egna varumärket JIMSCH kunde han inte motstå utmaningen... Jimmy är född i Varberg och har studerat både i Göteborg och New York. I över 20 år levde och arbetade han i Stockholm. Senast har han drivit ett hantverksprojekt i Thailand under fem år. Numera är han bosatt i Skåne.


Peach to umber color tendence



Peach/persika in a photo I did not take myself.


A leafy green with lots of trendy reds.


The best  oldschool paper interior mag to forecast trends globally in my opionon is Elle Decoration UK. Well globally is over-exaggerating. When a middle age caucasian Suede says globally we mostly mean parts of Europe and North America. So…that´s what I mean.In its Aug issue Elle Decoration describes one of the trends on design color details as

Peach to Umber

Peach being the fruit we all know but have not thought of how many hues its soft skin offers. Umber/umbra is a natural reddish-brown earth pigment that contains iron oxide. Umber is darker than ochre/ockra.

Elle Decoration, UK explains Peach to Umber : from palest pinks trough to deep terracottas, the accent color du jour are the warm end of the spectrum.

I could not agree more with the fact that these warm hues are what is now. I have listened to several trend guru´s the last year and visited many interior fairs feeling the same.

Since the warm reds compliment all the greens we have taken to heart, and as it seems will continue to do, it´s a perfect match. In nature greens and reds live close together.

I went out on my favorite island Getterön to find the red tones I miss in interiors. Elle Decoration being so far ahead trend wise we might expect these heated hues to land in stores beginning next year apart from the the pale pinks that are all over Scandinavia this fall.

I really fall for the rusty red tones myself.

Are you peachy or do you go for umbre ?


Enjoy your summer days






Stone fans.


The rocks on Getterön supply good warm red color hues ombré style.


Hands down, I love rusty reds.


Yep, rust is me.

IMG_3717 Ombré is the gradual blending of one color hue to another which is another trend mentioned by Elle Decoration, UK in its Aug issue.

IMG_3719 Umbre/umbra in a photo I did not take.


Silvia K Ceramics from London via NYC to Brighton



Studio Silvia K Ceramics, Brighton.

When I´m in London I make sure I do King´s Rd. Last year when I made my my way around  Designers Guild on King´s Rd  I found this hanging ceramic plate on the wall. I stopped and took a picture because I liked the object and it talked to me. Eventually I blogged about it not knowing who had created the ceramic plate hanging in a leather strap on the wall at Designer Guild.


When I got to NYC recently and found the same plate again at New York Design Days I met Silvia, the award winning ceramist behind studio Silvia K Ceramics.

Silvia K Ceramics is a studio in the heart of Brighton, East Sussex, UK. The studio was established by Silvia in 2012. Coming from Slovakia, Silvia has always had a passion and respect for crafts. She believes that heritage is a vital element of our cultural and social history.  Silvia´s ideas are fueled by her research into ceramic ware from sources as diverse as Spanish drug jars to Iraqi dinner plates. Her collections are contemporary interpretation of old artefacts.

All pieces in her latest range are made by hand in Silvia’s favorite terracotta clay that has been fired to mid temperature to give it a beautiful rich red colour. The iron in the clay finds its way through the grey-blue tin glaze and results in uniquely varying waves of speckles around the edges of the ware. The simple decorative quality of a coloured line is achieved through the use of a palette of complementary colours.


Silvia in her Studio in Brighton


The handles or leather straps make Silvia K pieces unique.

d2qkaQCa0M6lv0If_l0Ch6V0P1Q  XGy_BMHwVgEz-gTRAYOm009bwG0 yogL7a6pg-hCzJi2e3tgnA0GJAQ uMlSS1YMPyvQKFCp5LQsF6JuWpw SPbUHDfS1sZPmO9kxzKE7hb1R9s oyLMDyaq3SsX-l9yjlo8AfcPLkU jjppfT7iqoQAyFegysUQNMp4dnY

So really from Brighton via King´s Road in London to New York design days I am very proud to show Silvia K ceramics here on the blog. I really fall for her interpretation of traditional artefacts.




Home story



The fun and creative still life on the wall against the blackboard paint is what draws my eye along with the fact that the hallway is so big that putting a  bike in does not really steal any room. The boating style of stairs really gives a lasting impression.

This is a home that inspires me.  I love looking in magazines and seeing the homes of creative folks. I used to do home shoots like this for magazines often. But nowadays in Sweden it pays so little for a job like this that I stopped. Some Swedish magazine pay less or the same salary to the photographer and the stylist as they did 20 years ago. So, you can tell that paper magazines are not on the rise…

However, I love to look at inspiring homes. Homes that are truly made by passionate people. Men&women that love to make the most out of their home. To see the solutions that are made especially for the individual or family is what I go for.

In Europe one of my favorite magazines are only made for the Dutch market. VT wonen is a truly inspiring magazine and online pages that give that extra something all the time. Mind you, I don´t speak Dutch but I love the creative minds that work with this magazine along with their editorial office. Their work stands out. I have said that before and say it again. VT wonen is one of my favorite interior magz.


The inviting simplicity of a modern country kitchen.


Wooden walls. Standing panels. New thinking/old ideas. It feels so right. So now. Sustainable. Swedes will think of bastu/sauna. I think it looks amazing.


The use of tiles here is something to remember. To build shelves that perfectly fit and then tile the surface is a trick I love to use myself in tricky bathroom&kitchen interiors. What do you think ? I love it. Notice and please remember to put tiles on the bottom of shelves and naturally the sides. The oversized sink is a wonderful detail that brings so much to the feeling of this kitchen.


Bespoke shelving and the use of tiles makes for a unique bathroom.


If you like the look these walls have you have to check out tadelakt. If you never heared of tadelakt you google it right now and check out this websit in Sweden www.tadelakt.se 

If you live elswhere just look online and googel TADELAKT.

zithoek-leren-draaifauteuil overloop-bovenverdieping

Stairs/trappor. There are so many ugly and to expensive versions. Go the extra mile. Check out what would fit your space. This solution is gorgeous here and could be made by a blacksmith/smed to fit your special needs without being to expensive.


That´s  all from this home story styled by Esther Jostmeijer och photographed by Louis Lemaire for Dutch interior inspirational magazine VT wonen.

Stay well & see you soon,




Rue Verte, Copenhagen, right up my alley



I love Copenhagen and when I am working at Interstil HQ, with my brand Jimsch, situated an hour by car away on Swedish soil, I often take the chance to go visit the Danish capitol. Copenhagen has such sophistication and cosmopolitan style. When I was there yesterday I by chance ran into Rue Verte, a boutique I have not encountered before. That is amazing because it has been here for over 20 years.

So happy to have found it now though. I have not had the pleasure to get this much inspiration in one single boutique in Scandinavia since I was at Artilleriet in Gothenburg. Both places have in common not trying to sell the norm of Scandi interiors of white/blonde type of furnishings. Both Artilleriet and Rue Verte has a more cosmopolitan style.

At Rue Verte in Copenhagen you find a café in the middle and just to pop in for a macchiato and a sit in their sofas is a treat. Rue Verte does not try to be like the other stores, they are unique and know it. Rue Verte, Copenhagen, Denmark is right up my alley.


I love Lampe Gras as you might have understood from my blog before. The long black floor type lamp is sold here at Rue Verte along with the rest of the fantastic series of armature that never go out of style.


Iron and copper waterfountains as focal points are as much sound and feeling as form&color. All senses engaged at Rue Verte.


Joe&the Juice run the café at Rue Verte. Situated in the midst of the beauty with skylights high above your seat. Just lovely!


Furnished rooms in Rue Verte style give you the darker side of beauty.



Raw material love and green plants creates a special atmosphere at Rue Verte.


The dark&sensual side of bedding at Rue Verte.


Welcome in to Rue Verte at Ny Østergade 11, Copenhagen, Denmark. Next door neighboors are Christian Louboutin, Stella McCartney & Kartell 


When you feel hungry or just want a glass of wine you naturally stay in the neighborhood and go to the most stylish asian restaurant in Scandinavia The Market and find a table at their outdoor seating.

IMG_3587I just love finding the gems in my favorite cities.

All my best to you,

/ Jimmy


My Swedish summer lovin´


Miss Morris in a hat on the terrace. It´s summer.


The scents of summer at Getterön. For me this is as good as it gets scentwise. Roses and honeysuckle together is beyond magical.  Both grow wild here but you also find them in all the gardens. Our house by the sea at Getterön is a family affair. My fathers parents made a summer home for themselves  and their only son, my father in 1958. Nowadays my mother&father live here at Getterön.

IMG_3483 Walking up to my tiny beloved cottage on a summer evening like this the lavender caress you. Lavender is very high on my list of summer scents. Can you feel it ?


Seafood of all kinds are loved,prepared and enjoyed at our house. Mackerel is a favorite.


An addition to the house was made last year. A greenhouse.


The nature reserve that is part of the island is my favorite retreat. I never have enough of sea&solitude.

IMG_3493My mom took this photo of me. Getterön is where I spend time with my family. Mostly in summer.


Greens and rust tones are favorites.


Nowhere else do I fall asleep in a deckchair like here.


A turkish metal bowl found on a trip mom&I did for her work serves as a ever changing still life. Birds like it as well.


The beaches on the island are packed in the daytime, but early in the morning everything is so quiet.


Miss Morris is charging…


My mother  is born a Pisces/fiskarna. She loves fish of all kinds and got this fountain from me a long time ago. So long ago I had forgotten about it almost…


There are rainy days as well at Getterön. Not that many though. Last year we planted bluebells in these rain boots.

IMG_3513 The calm. This is NOT the norm. But it happens and when it does it is magic.


A mattress, pillows and a good book is bliss.


Evenings on the terrace.


People say they buy cheap plastic outdoor furniture because they can not afford better. Mom&dad bought these teak furniture 26 years ago. They are more beautiful now than when they bought them.


My mother has green fingers and loves plants. The cement bowl on foot is a gift from me a long time ago.



I hope you liked to see a little bit of what I love in the summer.

All my best to you




Irving Penn : Centennial at the Met


When in NYC go directly to the Met. The Metropolitan museum exhibits the largest retrospective of Irving Penn´s photographs ever curated. Irving Penn:Centennial is something you do not want to miss if you are in NYC and like photography.

It will be shown through July 30th. If you are a frequent visitor of my blog you know that I am a true fan of Mr Penn. Since my long time friend Per Magnus Persson worked for Iriving Penn I published his story in April. Click here and it will take you there.


Lisa Fonssagrives Penn was called the first supermodel and was married to Irving. They had a summerhouse in Sweden that they visited  where Per Magnus met the couple and had the chance to share a load of fresh strawberries from his fathers garden. Read the story  called Irving Penn, Per Magnus och jag, and you will understand. The photo above is of Lisa shot in front of the talked about muslin that is exhibited as well, that you see below.


Irving Penn´s muslin, the backdrop used in many of his famous photographs. If you are a photgrapher who takes portraits you know how much of a difference this piece of material can have on the outcome of your photos.


Read more about the exhibition and see the compilations of Penn´s work in the videos made by the museum here : http://www.metmuseum.org/press/exhibitions/2016/irving-penn


An Artist in vogue in all the menings of the expression possible. All the covers by Irving Penn.


When at the Met you have the chance to see unique paintings and art from the entire world as well. If you have not seen the paintings  IRL you have a great pleasure ahead of you when you get there.

themetjimmyschonning  centralparkjimmys

Don´t miss out on walking through Central Park that leads all the way up to the Museum Mile on fith Ave where you find the Met.


Tapestry of faces


IMG_3417 IMG_3418 IMG_3419

These fantastic photos have been turned into tapestry or call it woven art. I found them at Tendence in Frankfurt. These amazingly beautiful adorned individuals strong output translates magicly into textile.

First I thougth they were photos but then I talked to Samantha at German manufacturer Thomas Albrecth who told me they are woven textiles. These tapestries are large. 180 cm x 100 cm. So the faces really talk to you as soon as you see them. They really talked to me and said they wanted to come home with me….

TrendStefan talar om trenden där Afrika syns här.

All my best to you



IMG_3420  IMG_3422


Bland trendtendenser på Frankfurtmässan


Så här ser de mysiga stadsdelarna i Frankfurt ut. Till höger ligger gamla Operan och till vänster ligger suveräna italienska krogar på rad. Jag är i Tyskland för att ställa ut på mässan som heter Tendence tillsammans med min sköna kollega Xenia Karsberg. Xenia jobbar på den danska delen utav Interstil som Jimsch är ett varumärke hos. Som ni ser är Frankfurt en gammal stad med mycket nya inslag i arkitekturen.


I en gemensam monter som kallas Roots of Sweden ställer fler fina Svenska företag ut. Lotta De Visscher som jag njöt av att få lära känna under dagarna i Frankfurt styr suveränt smarta Maze som du säkert känner till. Här poserar Lotta på min inrådan innan en av våra många mysiga luncher på uteserveringarna i det somriga 27+grader varma sköna sommarvädret som Frankfurt visar upp.


Tendence visar även upp ny talang. Hos design tävlingen Hessen Design Competition ser du prov på Philip Weyer feuer.zeug liggande på oerhört coola multifunktionella underredet av Karl Alexander Hellis som visar sig vara svensk. Både jag och Lotta De Visscher hittar riktiga favoriter bland de designkunniga studenterna. Kanske blir det samarbete…


Frankfurt bjuder på gastronomisk upplevelse. Mycket bra restauranger och uteserveringarna är fullproppade av sommarklädda njutningsfulla mäniskor. Den coola Chaplin asietten var uppdukad på Charlot som var en restaurang rekomendation som Lisa Bengtsson (som även var del av det glada gäng som ställde ut)  fått som vi alla hängde på och njöt av på måndagkvällen efter mässan stängt för dagen.

IMG_3384Tendencemässan flyger jag ner till på fredagen från Stockhom-Frankfurt. Det första jag gör när jag kommer till montern är att tapetsera den fina tapeten från Rebelwalls som även är utställare mitt emot Jimsch.


Jag går inte så mycket och ser på mässan i övrigt, men går förbi dessa vackra organiska lampor. Visst är de fina ?


Är så glad att jag hittar en florist/blomster affär där jag finner fina små kronärtskockor/artichoks som gör sig så bra i Chemistry glas vasen.


Allt är nu på plats och vi kan öppna mässan. Det känns bra!



Allt som Jimsch har att erbjuda kunde inte få plats på ytan vi hade att förfoga över på Tendence. Därför fick jag göra val av vas som bäst skulle göra sig här.


Rumsgranen blev så bra i Crate vasen och tog upp färgen i tillbringaren Bring it.


I hall 9, A70 spenderade vi 5 dagar begåvade Xenia Karsberg och jag.


Inte alla men närapå hela gänget som ställde ut i utställlningen kallad Roots of Sweden som kurerats av TrendStefan Nilsson. Läs om trenderna han ser på Tendence mässan HÄR.


Underbara Lotta De Visscher/Maze tar en meditationsstund i Jimsch stol. Bus&skratt saknades inte…


Väldigt nöjd blir jag när allt är på plats. Gillar ju att se till att allt får rum. Älskar min linne kostym designad av Daniel Nyström och infärgad i min favvogröna ton.Tack underbara vän, älskar min grodgröna kostym!!


Gick förbi Naturhistoriska Muséet på väg till floristen.

IMG_3396 IMG_3397Grillad tonfisk med marinerat sjögräs blev favorit lunchen på Marriott nära mässan under jobbdagarna.


Med ögon känsliga för grönt





Midsommar är grönskans tid för mig. Här är min samling av grönt jag hittat här hemma och på mina resor. Grönt grundar mig och får mig att må bra. Med allt mitt gröna önskar dig en skön midsommartid med en sång av Barbro Hörberg, sjung med eller hör sången på Youtube om du inte hört den förut.




Och tänk i parken
Om våren
Med ögon känsliga för grönt
Och kastanjeblad som paraplyer
Och våra händer känsliga för allt som är skönt.



IMG_2623  IMG_3018




Vi vek en duva av papper
I vinden seglade den långt
Och den landade på en staty som
Fick ändra alla orden i sin sång.










Det regnade men bilderna blev bra
Det var ett egendomligt ljus den dan
Vi fyllde våra ögon
Med ljuset och tankarna på allt det nya




IMG_2694 IMG_2744         IMG_3025


Och tänk i parken
Om våren
Med ögon känsliga för grönt
Och kastanjeblad som paraplyer
Och våra händer känsliga för allt som är skönt.

Med ögon känsliga för grönt, text Barbro Hörberg



IMG_3060  IMG_3021IMG_3062




IMG_3066         IMG_3241  IMG_3254 IMG_3255 IMG_3256 IMG_3257



IMG_3259 IMG_3260 IMG_3261 IMG_3262 IMG_3263


Snyggaste citrus squeezer ever





Sommar är för mig synonymt med goda drycker där bär&frukter får spela en stor roll. Flädersaften som blir ofterhärmlig efter tillsats av citron. Citron och apelsin som juice i ett glas med is i morgonsolen är härligt somrigt.

Citrus pressar finns det många i metall. Sqeezer som är formgiven av Anna Wadle är tillverkad i stengodslera. Desstuom snyggt svart. Då den inte bara är suverän som juicepress utan även är så vacker så behöver man inte pressa ned den i redan överfulla lådor. Låt den ligga framme väl synlig. Snyggaste citruspressen ever skulle jag vilja säga.

Anna Wadle arbetar för hand med stengodslera som hon drejar, bygger eller gjuter med. Allt sker i hennes keramikverkstad på Södermalm i Stockholm. Hon utbildade sig på Nyckelvikskolan som ligger på Lidingö och hämtar sin inspiration från havet och naturen. Reliefer och enkla mönster som bildar skuggor eller former utmärker hennes produkter. Anna har bestämt sig för att tillverka föremål som inte bara är vackra, utan som även fyller en funktion.

Supersyrlig sommar saft önskas



Vill du se mer av Anna Wadles formgivning så kan du klicka här.


Du hittar Squeezer hos Designtorget. Den finns i två stl, den större för grape 7×5 cm eller 9×6 cm Pris 275 kr eller 315 kr



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