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Många år som inredare för olika tv-program gav Jimmy Schönning en uppsjö av egna designidéer. När möjligheten dök upp att förverkliga dem under det egna varumärket JIMSCH kunde han inte motstå utmaningen... Jimmy är född i Varberg och har studerat både i Göteborg och New York. I över 20 år levde och arbetade han i Stockholm. Senast har han drivit ett hantverksprojekt i Thailand under fem år. Numera är han bosatt i Skåne.

Hockney + Hellberg = Trend


As a designer and creative human being I´m always in search of new inspiration and trends originating from our cultural history to become part of our future.

Since Stockholm due to the Formex Fair and all activities created around it is full of inspo, I attended an information filled lecture by my colleague Trend Stefan Nilssons Stora Trenddagen 2018, on tuesday and then went to see Beckmans College of Design exhibit  at Svenskt Tenn handling the state of the seas of the world that sadly, we know is not in the condition we want it to be in.

 Yesterday I listened to and saw the artistic images of Dutch trend oracle Li Edelkoort at the Formex Fair in Älvsjö. I will definitely tell you more about all of my impressions from all I have had the opportunity to listen to.

First and foremost though I have to share the inspirational exhibit created by Tina Hellberg at Formex. Her installation that you will se more of below and hear from herself from where she got her start is to me in itself a trend.

Trends to me are never portrayed via new or old objects but in the way objects and material are arranged and put together. You can have a home filled with ”trendy” things still not be a updated home.

The way Tina Hellberg created the atmosphere, color and light in this installation shows a new way of decorating originating from a cultural expression and elevating it to a new statement.

If you thought I am just full of words (i.e shit) then looking at the photos I took of Tina´s exhibit hopefully will explain it better. Remember that I have not photographed every inch and angle of the exhibit. Just parts of it. Hope you like it as much as I do. To me this is true inspiration :



This is how Tina is introduced by the exhibit called Layout at Formex where her interpretation was one of 3. I changed the last sentence since my opinion is that this better translates to English what was said in Swedish by Tina about material :

Tina Hellberg is a stylist whose focus is interior design, set design and conceptual installations. Tina is inspired by every step in the design process, from the finished product to the initial sketches. She is also influenced by art of all kinds, finding color inspiration in fashion and attitude from architecture – especially architecture with a strong and honest feeling for the material.


This is how Tina explains why and how she choose to work with David Hockney´s painting in my translation of the text found at the Formex exhibit that opened 17th of January 2018 :

”Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy is the painting that David Hockney worked with 1969-71 and was my starting point for the exhibit. First and foremost due to it having an interesting play of colors and illumination, partly due to the fact that it is painted in a backlit room. Later I found it to have such a rich content, with many exciting references to art through our times, which I would like to explain more about another time to those who are interested. My goal has been to try and portray the painting through my choice of color and products. This is often the way I work, with a story as the basis for my interpretation. I like the title of this painting very much but after a while I understood that the name Percy was not one of the couples surname, but the name of the cat in the man´s lap. The real name of the cat was not Percy it was Blanche, but Hockney thought Percy suited it better. ”

Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy 1970-1 David Hockney born 1937 Presented by the Friends of the Tate Gallery 1971

If you are interested in the artist David Hockney read more about him here.


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Lhong 1919 in Bangkok



Photo by PM Persson

Tracey Nguyen is a Vietnamese actor, blogger, stylist and fashionista living in Bangkok. She told me and my friend  PM Persson that we should go and see Lhong 1919 that is a Thai-Chinese heritage Mazu shrine, Art&Craft shop located on 248 Chiang Mai Rd, Khet Klong San on the side of the Chao Phraya River that does not have a skytrain. You can take a boat though and get off right here. So here we are!

There are both restaurants & cafés indoors and outdoor.

Really go for these outdoor candles set in wooden boxes with the metal holder in black.

Just adore this mural. The window is authentic. The children are painted and the stools are the real thing.

The interiors of the old storage spaces have been made into one floor instead of two which creates such spacious beauty. A type of eclectic old style mall is what it became of each antique building i.e they are a 100 years old 2019 since the were built 1919.

Lotuses are planted all over and this flower is one of those I just can not see enough of.

Tracey posing in front of the entrance mural. She’s got the look! PM took the photo. Layers of paint on top of each other was removed and the murals were found. The red sign is newly painted for the opening of Lhong 1919 in September 2017.


The old buildings create this great backdrop that has been taken care of the best way and made into a restaurant in the photo above.


Tracy and the painted children.

 The decoration both with what is sold and what is ornamental is so well done and great looking. 

Like these thai/chinese lanterns.

Budding lotuses.

Clothes, flowers, art&craft and paintings. The list of what you find unique versions of here is long.

I wanted to play as well so added myself to the mural along with Tracy. PM took the photo off course. Lhong 1919 is such a needed addition to the Bangkok shopping flora. The eclectic style and cool conversion of the spaces where the old style is kept and honored is so refreshing to see in a city where buildings seem old when they turn 10 years. When in Bangkok I really recommend you visit Lhong 1919.


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We had a tapas type of thai/chinese lunch and a great cup of coffey. PM took the photo.

Back in Bangkok

Photo Jimmy Schönning


Arrived in Bangkok, Thailand on New Years Eve. Took a taxi from the airport to my long time friend and photographer PM Persson at Sukhumvit Soi 6. Great to meet after not seeing each other for a long time, we had a glass of wine in his apartment of the 9th floor overlooking the warm velvet darkness of the big city of Bkk.

After the merry celebrations of 2018 I met up with Malin&Jens Karstensson of Mimou and had a drink at Shangri-La before going for dinner a block down at cool&cosy Jack´s.  Always good to meet and it was over two years ago we had dinner at magical Mandarin Oriental here in Bkk.


Check out the beauty of this building. The proportions and the incorporated gardens &greens. Lovely. Photo Jimmy Schönning


I´ve been coming to Bkk for many years now since PM and his wife Ann and I together had the production of the handmade Soomkai lamp in Thailand that I designed and we sold through Watt&Veke and since they live here we always met up here.  This time I will also meet up with a new production contact for my brand Jimsch for a bamboo and brass idea that has been in the pipeline for some time.


Photo Jimmy Schönning


For the weekend we took time off and took the three hour busride to Ban Phe and took the slow boat out to Koh Samet where we have been before to get away for some days from the craziness of Bkk for a while. The style and hotel interiors and outdoor places always inspire me. This is the pool area at Mooban Talay Resort.


Photo PM Persson


We found this lovely spot on the beach under some trees right next to the water. Having a photographer as a friend often result in amazing photos that I treasure


Photo Jimmy Schönning

Loved this serving of a cupcake. Some whip cream and strawberries on top and inside actually. Like the wood plate, fork&spoon that was a good choice instead of all of this waste plastic you see so much of in Thailand.


I love trees. I don’t hug them but want to stay close. This one talked to me in a exceptional way. It´s such a beautiful tree trunk! PM took the photo. Thank you so much!

The Queen of the Caribbean


Maybe you´re thinking of the song Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean when you read the headline The Queen of the Caribbean? (Or did you think of me dressed up as Ru Paul goes Caribbean?) I have learned that Cartagena De Indias is called the Queen of the Caribbean due to it´s beauty, long history and high status as a port for centuries.

Must admit I knew nearly nothing about this historic and supremely stunning city before I flew here from Bogotá, Colombia. I came with my taxi from the airport and turned into Getsemani quarters, Cartagena. You see Getsemani as a backdrop behind the fountain.

Getseamani is right next to the Old Walled city of Cartagena De Indias that it will be a pleasure to show you. I really love this place and felt that imidiately. Right now the sun is going down and the temperature is 26 degrees celcius and there is a slight humid breeze from the ocean surrounding us.


Cartagena De Indias : Getsemani just like The Old town/The walled city is very colorful. Just look at the pink paint chosen for this ceiling!
Getsemani is charming and inviting. So colorful it makes you happy. Full of restaurants and cafés that makes you feel like just enjoying.

Relaxed italian café&restaurant Basilica in Getsemani

Getsemani is still not perfected like The walled city center mostly is. This neighborhood of Cartagena still has these colonial buildings that are a bit left behind and dilapitated in that perfectly ”unperfect” state.

Fresh fruit and fruitsallads and fruit juice is found everywhere.

I fall in love with the old colonial buildings and want to move in…




This is where you enter to the walled city of Cartagena.


The Torre del Reloj Público (Public Clock Tower) was the main entrance to the old city. Originally, the clock tower had only the central archway. The other two arches were added in the 18th century, and a new clock in the 19th century.

The yellow tower is still where you enter through the wall to the Old City in Cartagena or Cartagena De Indias which it was called as a Spanish colony. The major port of Cartagena was founded in 1533 but archeologist have found proof that the site where the city is built dates back as a village as far as 4000 BC with notable settlements by indigenous people.

I would like to call the walled city the city of balconies. Not only are there balconies everywhere but they are filled with lucious plants and more bougainville than I have ever seen. Love it!

The colors of the walled city of Cartagena stand out and adds a unique energy to all buildings.

In 1984, Cartagena’s colonial walled city and fortress, which you will see below,  were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can walk on top of the wall and through it at some places.

I ordered a double espresso with warm milk on the side and this is how it was served. The most luxurious and estheticly pleasing coffey ever, right? Love how a glass of cold water and a piece of chocolate was included.  The service level here is very high and there are more boutique hotels than I could explore in a week! I will take you to a couple of hotels that I stayed at in coming posts. Stay in touch for more Cartagena stories.

The flora of this warm and humid seaside burg is truly outstanding if taken care of. Everywhere there are amazing flowers and plants.

Love that you can walk everywhere and easily reach everything within the cute walled city. You can compare it to Stockholm Old city Gamla Stan, or Bairo Alto in Lisbon, but they are all so different that you will need to experience them all. Almost everywhere you go you see the Cathedral and can by it navigate and find your way.  The Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandria in the historic center of Cartagena, which was begun in 1577 and completed 84 years later is as colorful as the rest of this small gem of a city.


Beyond the walls of the walled city you see the new high risers of Boca Grande that I will tell you about in a post later on. Stay in touch.

The are still a few worn&wonderful houses in the walled city that are not renovated.


A walk on the wall gives you a great view of the Walled City
Next time I come I want a room with a balcony filled with flowers facing the street so I can sit there and look at people walking by.

Visible from the walled city is the fortress of Cartagena. Castillo San Felipe de Barajas that was originally built in 1536 is worth a visit done on an afternoon.

You find art museums and galleries of all sorts within the walled city.

This is how amazingly inviting the courtyards of the Walled City of Cartagena can be at night. Click on the video :


Night time at the oasis. The perfect evening temperature is made for eating out on the rooftops or at the outside courtyards of Cartagena.

I walk into every hotel and restaurant to just look and be inspired.  Music is played in the streets as well as in the restaurants and bars. So much live music. L O V E L Y !

From the Getsemani neighborhood you see the modern Cartagena and the Boca Grande beaches that I will tell you more about in a later post.

Cartagena, Colombia is a place that I will be sure to come back to. Next time I will visit the small Caribbean islands that you find boats in the harbor to take you to under an hour from the walled city.

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Have yourself a merry little Christmas



Photo by Per Magnus Persson

God Jul och välkommen in // Merry Christmas and Welcome inside

Photo by Per Magnus Persson

The great flower of the season in full bloom // Amaryllis i full blom är oemotståndlig.

Photo by Per Magnus Persson

Love having fun with Christmas decorations // Älskar ha kul med jul dekorationer. Det är ju inte något blodigt allvar. This is me going nuts on a design favorite by Freshwest for Moooi.The floor lamp is called A brave New World.

Photo by Per Magnus Persson

Lots of candles and a open fire makes up for the cold weather outside and the darkness of the season.

Photo by Per Magnus Persson
Photo by Per Magnus Persson
Photo by Per Magnus Persson
Photo by Per Magnus Persson
Photo by Per Magnus Persson
Photo by Per Magnus Persson


Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Let your heart be light
From now on your troubles will be out of sight, yeah

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Make the Yuletide gay
From now on your troubles will be miles away, oh

Here we are as in olden days
Happy golden days of yore, ah
Faithful friends who are dear to us
They gather near to us once more, ooh

Through the years we all will be together and
If the fates allow
Hang a shining star upon the highest bough, oh yeah, oh
And have yourself a merry little Christmas now, oh, oh

Faithful friends who are dear to us
They gather near to us once more, oh, oh

Through the years we all will be together and
If the fates allow, oh yeah
But ‘til then we’ll have to muddle through somehow, oh yeah, oh, oh
And have yourself a merry little Christmas now, ooh yeah, oh, ooh

My favorite song Have yourself a merry little Christmas was first performed by Judy Garland in the 1944 (!) musical Meet me in St. Louis composed by Hugh Martin with lyrics by Ralph Blane.

Photo by Per Magnus Persson

Merry Christmas // God Jul // Frohe Weihnachten //

God Jul // Happy Holidays // Seasons Greetings. Snow on my favorite walk way Monteliusvägen on Södermalm, Stockholm

Photo by Per Magnus Persson

Winter Stockholm seen from Södermalm. The church tower is Riddarholmskyrkan that was here already year 1300 on Riddarholmen.

Breathtakingly beautiful Andes expedition





Traveling in the Colombian Andes by car is an experience I want to call an expedition more than saying trip. Driving upwards seeing these Colombian alps of green mountain grandeur is an experience I will never forget. It is breathtakingly beautiful up here in the Andes. We´re driving from Villa De Leyva over the mountains to Bucaramanga to visit friends of my hosts and then from there go back up in the Andes to see the village of Barichiara.



I admit that I had never heard about the city of Bucaramanga before I came to Colombia. I am so sorry. My fault I fear (!) Coming here is a pleasant surprise. The half a million city is called ”La ciudad de los Parques” The city of Parks. Not that I am showing you lots of photos of the parks, but just so you know. If you count the greater metropolitan area of Bucaramanga there are over  1 140 000 inhabitants. We spent the evening on our friends roof terrace, had a dip in the pool and drinks and was blessed with this sunset you see below.


Photo taken by Liliana showing the colors of the sunset our night in Bucaramanga


To keep as few cars in in the overcrowded streets in the cities of Colombia the country has a developed a smart system that lets cars with even number ending of the license plate number to drive on even days and so on. So when we come out to the parking lot after breakfast on the balcony in the morning we realize that my rental car has the wrong number for being allowed to drive in Bucaramanga today…

Faster than speeding ticket Daniel comes up with the idea that we call a tow truck and have the car towed out of the zone that we are not allowed to drive in…How clever was that! Said and done. After the call is made the truck shows up after 20 min! We are all driven in the car of our hosts for our Bucaramanga evening Liliana, Gerardo and their beautiful daughter María José to the place outside the no driving zone.


Back up in the amazing views of the Andes. Daniel is driving and we make a lot of stops to get out and just enjoy the stunning mountain views I just can not have enough of. It´s so green and grand!


Daniel is having a stretch with a view after driving.

Before we arrive at the village of Barichara we stop to have a meal at hotel Terra. See the outdoor pool area and the view in the video below. This is a place I will come back to. Stay over, relax and just hang out by the pool or meditate over a morning coffey. Stunning Andes views and serenity that I will never forget.


What an inviting free feeling it is high up in these mountains. Feels like you can touch the clouds. Think I will go in for a dip in the pool. It looks so good!

Daniel took a nap on the floor. A found him like this and almost got scared. Driving on these windling roads takes all your concentration. It´s not the speed, just the narrow roads and a lot of traffic. So I really understand he needs a nap. We order som refreshing drinks meanwhile and then have a wonderful Italian meal here at Hotel Terra.


Refreshing mint infused drinks in the afternoon sun.
We choose to sit on the veranda overlooking the mountains and the pool area.


Barichara is a welcoming and gorgeous little artist village perched beside the canyon of the Suarez River with a stunning view over the region. The weather stays around 20 degrees celsius all year round. The beauty of the well kept historic village has inspired artists since long. You also find artisans of all kinds, especially stonemasons and vegetable fiber equilibrists and handmade cigar producers in this area.


Barichara is situated on a hill with narrow streets and white stone facades with terra cotta roof tiles. Photo from Aventure Colombia
18th century Cathedral de la Immaculada Concepcion, Barichara, Colombia. Photo from Aventure Colombia
Walking up the hill I find all these great looking boutique hotels that call me in to their court yards. Don´t you just love this…!
The fountain in the square in front of the Cathedral almost looked like a mill with the palm tree in the back in my photo. Really get inspired in Barichara. So beautiful everywhere.
I get to the top of the hill as the nigh falls and the church that i reach got a very dramatic look. The old natural stona facades are a true favorite of mine. Time to walk back to the car and drive back to Villa De Leyva.


The majestic Andes is a magical place to visit. Bucaramanga was a treat to see and the beauty of Barichara will always stay with me. Would like to come back to this little quaint village and stay overnight in one of these wonderful boutique hotels with a court yard and try the local cuisine. Colombia just keep on delivering.


The flowers of Colombia

Thank you Dear friends Daniel&Julia for showing us your fav spots. I will never ever forget this trip in the Andes by car and I will come back whenever you feel that it´s possible to harass (!) you again.

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Julkalender lucka 16: Vinn ett bäddset från Jimsch

Jimsch bäddset

Jimsch ekologiskt infärgade bomull med broderad punktskrift som stavar L O V E i Brailleskrift på både påslakan och den exklusiva påsen, vilket gör det till en speciellt kärleksfull julklapp.

Missa inte möjligheten att vinna ett bäddset med broderad braille skrift idag,  till ett värde av 1 010 kr i design av Jimmy Schönning.  Klicka in på Designbloggarnas Instagram så hittar du all information du behöver för att vara med och tävla. Tävlingen pågår endast till och med 23:59 ikväll 16/12, så du har ingen tid att spilla! Inpackat är det ingen som kan gissa vad detta fyrkantiga halvhårda paket är. Ta chansen och vinn ett designbäddset till dig själv eller ge någon du älskar mjuka ekologiskt infärgade bomullslakan att sova i från Jimsch. Imorgon så ska du se efter hos Kinas smycken för att kunna vinna i Julkalendern. Nu är det inte långt kvar till Julafton.


Bäddset i påse med Braille skrift som stavar : LOVE som även står på påslakanet. Örngott & påslakan samlat i en vit bomulls påse med dragsko.
Jimsch kuddar och påslakan med Braille skrift
Mjuk ekologisk infärgad bomull helt utan kemikalier för blekning.




En ljusfylld Lucia


 Luica kronan i sig har jag alltid tyckt varit så fin. Kanske har det varit en dold önskan att få vara lucia själv. Vem vet. När jag tänkte efter på vad för ljushållare jag själv ville ha så var detta en av mina första design idéer. Den enkla luciakronan satt på bordet. Utan smyckning och grönt. Inget lingonris. Inget rött band. En enkel ljushållare. Sagt och gjort. Idén var att skala av allt onödigt för att lämna plats för ljusen att skina. Ljushållaren jag är stolt över och har kallat  den Lucia fastän det vore mer kommersiellt att kalla den något annat som ej antyder en årstid och ett användande har jag fått höra av företagsledningen som hjälpt mig producera Lucia för Jimsch. 

Måste säga att jag är väldigt nöjd med ljustaken och hittar nya platser och sätt att dekorera med den hela tiden. Titta på mitt Instagram får du se. 


Önskar dig en ljusfylld Lucia


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Alla foto av Per Magnus Persson



My Stockholm week



Rörstrand and Iittala flagship store. Photo Alexander Donka

Rörstrand&Iittala opened a new flagship store together in the smack middle of down town Stockholm at Stureplan, but adress being Kungsgatan 1. A store that unites two iconic brands that wants to be a meeting point as well as an inspirational space. I think they can do that well. Interiors by Lotta Agaton and and event by Trendgruppen.


Styling by Lotta Agaton



Cutest on our carpet.


We had the cutest visitor at the studio as you can see. He just stayed in his bag and seemed to be right at home while his mistress was working with us. Still like the carpet that really stood out in this photo, bought many years ago at Room.

Working with a new private client I had the first home consultation this week and loved the facade of their house. Gorgeous granit and black minimal downlight gave such a sophisticated long lasting impression. Mabe we will use the lovely stone color inspo it gives for the interiors. Incorporating in&outdoors of a home is always a good idea.


Gorgeous granit facade.

Swedese opened a new showroom at Malmtorgsgatan 5 in Stockholm and what a beautiful space in a historic building just across from hotel At Six and roof terrace restaurant Tak at Brunkebergstorg.

Swedese line up. Sofa Boxplay by Claesson/Koivisto/Rune. Table Breeze by Monica Förster. Konnekt poufs by Roger Persson. 

Swedese was showing of their interior gems and offering wine and nibbles of the best kind.

Wood being the Swedese specialty they show their craftsmanship & knowledge in a sophisticated way.

     Large window display and inspirational use of their design icons.

The interior styling at Swedese immaculately done by Tina Hellberg The event this evening by Trendgruppen

You know why I like this worktable right… It´s green! What a vivacious green it is. All from Swedese. 

Photo by Cawa Media

Met my stylish friend Lulu Carter at Sturebadet not to have a swim but to look at LWL Jewlery and Maruschka De Margó clothes and you can see more of what Lulu liked at her Instagram.


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From agave plant to bag

The Andes, Boayca, Colombia


Driving to Curití in Santander, Colombia from Villa de Leyva watching the green luscious landscape pass by. As you see the clouds are not so far up because we are over 2000 meter up in the green hills of the  Andes.



On the way to Curití we stop in Arcabuco to see the sculpture created by Julio Abril Mayorga that is a relative of Julia Peralta, whom I´m visiting and that so kindly is showing all that she and her partner Daniel Nyström loves about this part of the Colombian Andes. Google Julio Abril to easily read more about this interesting Colombian sculptor, painter and draughtsman.


Agave is a whole family of plants called Agavacae. The sisal fiber is made from Agave.

The city of Curití  is famous for crafts made from fique, or agave sisal. Fique is a strong durable fiber obtained from the leaves of the family of the tropical plant Furcraea American. Sisal is a fiber from Agave sisalana. The term sisal may refer to the plant´s common name or the fiber depending on the context. The sisal fiber is traditionally used for rope but today is used for footwear, hats, bags, carpets and dartboards or mostly anything you can come up with. I am a fan of sisal and now I have to possibility to see and learn more about fique and hopefully come up with new ideas for my own design.


Agave Americana
Furcraea andina is native to Andean regions of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Fique is the fiber that grows in the leaves of the plant from which they in Curiti has tradition of making everything from hats to rugs.
Fique fiber used for making a bag.
This type of fique weave is most interesting to me. I just adore the raw durability and the rough feel to it.
Fique fiber packed in colorful bags ready to be used, colored and made into new material. 

The place we have come to see in Curití is professionally handmaking the fique fiber from leaf to product. The process from the fique fiber is taken from the leaf to it is ready to weave is long. Here the fiber is colored in big tubs. After it has dried it will be spun into thread that you can then weave in looms/vävstol into the material you want to create.


I think these big looms full with thread ready to create are beautiful.

This is how you use the loom/vävstol if you are a master fique weaver in Curití.

To not get the fique fiber in you breathing pipes, as it divides while weaving you need to wear a mask.  So it has not got to do with sickness or disease. We are shown around and all of the handcraft men&women are so kind to let us take pictures. I ask everyone and they all show directly that they are happy to share their tradition that is so interesting to see.


Using fique to tell a story can be this lovely.

Everywhere nature inspires me to create here in Colombia.

Detail of one of my favorite flowers that you find everywhere here in Colombia. Do you know the flower or bush that it grows on ?
Agave close up.

I am so happy we came to Curití to see how you work this amazing plant into a fiber to be able to create traditional and new handmade products. Do you know that the agave plant is used to make a famous alcohol as well? I´ll tell you next time if you don´t tell me.

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