Tjolöholm revisited

  IMG_3899 When having a summer drink with my Designbloggarna colleague FloristUlrik at Varberg Stadsthotell (where we had our Designblog conference last year) he asked if I have been to Tjolöholm Castle ? My answer was that I  have been there several times every year growing up between Kungsbacka&Varberg (Tjolöholm Castle is located on the coast between the two cities),  but not in the past 4 years. So when I had a friend visiting who wanted to see fantastic historic architecture & a castle garden by the sea I took him to Tjolöholm. The castle was designed in Tudor style but finished as late as 1904 by Lars Israel Wahlman for Blanche & James Fredrik Dickson.  The interior is amazingly intact and if you come do not miss to take a tour. You might have seen the castle interiors since it has been televised in a Lucia celebration previously and been in films. This time my focus was on the garden. Through the years ( we are talking many years that I have visited this castle…over 40) the garden has never looked as inviting as it now does. As my Designbloggarna colleague Ulrik pointed out, his brother Kenneth Krabbe and fellow gardiners have made an amazing face lift garden style on this fantastic property. Since John Taylor is the new English historic garden consultant,  it must mean that Tjolöholm Slott/Castle is taking the garden seriously in the coming future as well. John Taylor is not the new Head Gardiner at Tjolöholm Castle as journalists have written the past month. IMG_3900 Tjolöholm Castle in the summer sun. IMG_3904 My italian guest Translator Lorenzo Donvito looks like he enjoys the surroundings. IMG_3901 The scents of Tjolöholm. IMG_3902 Inviting seats for green meditation. IMG_3903 The circle of life. IMG_3905 As a kid I loved this leaf covered facade and I still do. IMG_3897 Beautiful garden thistles. tjolo4 100 years ago (!) perhaps…we had a dance fashion show for my mother Marianne Schönning suede clothes company Mocka of Sweden here at Tjolöholm. At her website you can see more of the dance team and me who created it and Marianne´s design suede off course. All my best /Jimmy      

Interior passion, parks and knödel in Hamburg

IMG_3738 Jimsch stand at Nordstil, Hamburg, Germany. Drove down to Hamburg, Germany from Varberg, Sweden early morning and arrived after lunch time. TrendStefan and his partner Peter met up and I started to unpack. In the afternoon it looked like this.  So happy I brought the green fabric for the table. Here at Nordstil Interior Fair the walls were already done, not like in Frankfurt where  I wallpapered with Rebelwalls fav pattern. IMG_3739 I brought the the fir trees down in the car and when the Öresund´s bridge toll women in charge bid me a Merry Christmas I smiled in return. It must have looked funny with me alone in a jam packed car topped with two bare Xmas trees sitting in the front and back. IMG_3747 The St.Pauli neighborhood next to the fairgrounds is colorful in all meanings of the word. I went here for lunch everyday to just get out of the fair and see something in Hamburg. IMG_3785 What is any fair without fun colleagues? Designer Anna Elzer Oscarssson and her long time companion&husband Mattias in front of her Dancing dune collection. IMG_3793 Mattias and I had a laugh. He wore Jimsch Lucia table candleholder and we ”Warholed” him. IMG_3818 The daily walk to the Nordstil fair at Hamburg Messe went through the magical park called Planten un Blumen. Do not miss it if you come here. It also hold the Botanical Garden Greenhouse. IMG_3819 When in Germany. Well, being a Hamburger´ ..I offcourse had ….Vietnamese, Italian and all other countries food represented in a large city but finally had something true German. A real knödel with chantarells. It was really good! Google knödel if you never had one. IMG_3821 I almost could not leave. The Japanese garden at Planten un Blumen in Hamburg was a favorite spot! IMG_3822 The Alster lake in Hamburg. Such a beautiful city that many times makes me think of Stockholm. IMG_3823 IMG_3824 The past and the present meet in Hamburg in the most delightful way. IMG_3825 I stayed at The Hyperion which is a strict&streamlined hotel with great beds. Love the very soundproof hotel rooms and the huge breakfast. When I got in to the hotelroom in the evening on friday night I had a glass of white from the minibar and unpacked my necessities like Kiels Original Musk. A musk that is a must for me. IMG_3828 IMG_3826 Gefundenes Fressen in St Pauli is a  very realaxed and cool BBQ place I can recommend that plays R&B continuously. See their fun homepage video by clicking on the link. IMG_3827 Der Struggle is real in StPauli   From Hamburg, Germany with love   / Jimmy

Peach to umber color tendence

IMG_3718 Peach/persika in a photo I did not take myself. IMG_3711 A leafy green with lots of trendy reds.   The best  oldschool paper interior mag to forecast trends globally in my opionon is Elle Decoration UK. Well globally is over-exaggerating. When a middle age caucasian Suede says globally we mostly mean parts of Europe and North America. So…that´s what I mean.In its Aug issue Elle Decoration describes one of the trends on design color details as Peach to Umber Peach being the fruit we all know but have not thought of how many hues its soft skin offers. Umber/umbra is a natural reddish-brown earth pigment that contains iron oxide. Umber is darker than ochre/ockra. Elle Decoration, UK explains Peach to Umber : from palest pinks trough to deep terracottas, the accent color du jour are the warm end of the spectrum. I could not agree more with the fact that these warm hues are what is now. I have listened to several trend guru´s the last year and visited many interior fairs feeling the same. Since the warm reds compliment all the greens we have taken to heart, and as it seems will continue to do, it´s a perfect match. In nature greens and reds live close together. I went out on my favorite island Getterön to find the red tones I miss in interiors. Elle Decoration being so far ahead trend wise we might expect these heated hues to land in stores beginning next year apart from the the pale pinks that are all over Scandinavia this fall. I really fall for the rusty red tones myself. Are you peachy or do you go for umbre ?   Enjoy your summer days   /Jimmy     IMG_3712 Stone fans. IMG_3713 The rocks on Getterön supply good warm red color hues ombré style. IMG_3715 Hands down, I love rusty reds. IMG_3716 Yep, rust is me. IMG_3717 Ombré is the gradual blending of one color hue to another which is another trend mentioned by Elle Decoration, UK in its Aug issue. IMG_3719 Umbre/umbra in a photo I did not take.

Silvia K Ceramics from London via NYC to Brighton

4628849349_1372x914 Studio Silvia K Ceramics, Brighton. When I´m in London I make sure I do King´s Rd. Last year when I made my my way around  Designers Guild on King´s Rd  I found this hanging ceramic plate on the wall. I stopped and took a picture because I liked the object and it talked to me. Eventually I blogged about it not knowing who had created the ceramic plate hanging in a leather strap on the wall at Designer Guild. IMG_2828

When I got to NYC recently and found the same plate again at New York Design Days I met Silvia, the award winning ceramist behind studio Silvia K Ceramics.

Silvia K Ceramics is a studio in the heart of Brighton, East Sussex, UK. The studio was established by Silvia in 2012. Coming from Slovakia, Silvia has always had a passion and respect for crafts. She believes that heritage is a vital element of our cultural and social history.  Silvia´s ideas are fueled by her research into ceramic ware from sources as diverse as Spanish drug jars to Iraqi dinner plates. Her collections are contemporary interpretation of old artefacts.

All pieces in her latest range are made by hand in Silvia’s favorite terracotta clay that has been fired to mid temperature to give it a beautiful rich red colour. The iron in the clay finds its way through the grey-blue tin glaze and results in uniquely varying waves of speckles around the edges of the ware. The simple decorative quality of a coloured line is achieved through the use of a palette of complementary colours.

4628439600_293x451 Silvia in her Studio in Brighton cOlL3ZOqmFqFNM5VJ1smJEP9JCg The handles or leather straps make Silvia K pieces unique. d2qkaQCa0M6lv0If_l0Ch6V0P1Q  XGy_BMHwVgEz-gTRAYOm009bwG0 yogL7a6pg-hCzJi2e3tgnA0GJAQ uMlSS1YMPyvQKFCp5LQsF6JuWpw SPbUHDfS1sZPmO9kxzKE7hb1R9s oyLMDyaq3SsX-l9yjlo8AfcPLkU jjppfT7iqoQAyFegysUQNMp4dnY So really from Brighton via King´s Road in London to New York design days I am very proud to show Silvia K ceramics here on the blog. I really fall for her interpretation of traditional artefacts. /Jimmy  

Home story

  The fun and creative still life on the wall against the blackboard paint is what draws my eye along with the fact that the hallway is so big that putting a  bike in does not really steal any room. The boating style of stairs really gives a lasting impression. This is a home that inspires me.  I love looking in magazines and seeing the homes of creative folks. I used to do home shoots like this for magazines often. But nowadays in Sweden it pays so little for a job like this that I stopped. Some Swedish magazine pay less or the same salary to the photographer and the stylist as they did 20 years ago. So, you can tell that paper magazines are not on the rise… However, I love to look at inspiring homes. Homes that are truly made by passionate people. Men&women that love to make the most out of their home. To see the solutions that are made especially for the individual or family is what I go for. In Europe one of my favorite magazines are only made for the Dutch market. VT wonen is a truly inspiring magazine and online pages that give that extra something all the time. Mind you, I don´t speak Dutch but I love the creative minds that work with this magazine along with their editorial office. Their work stands out. I have said that before and say it again. VT wonen is one of my favorite interior magz. keuken-blauw-zwart-hout The inviting simplicity of a modern country kitchen. houten-wand-plantenhoek Wooden walls. Standing panels. New thinking/old ideas. It feels so right. So now. Sustainable. Swedes will think of bastu/sauna. I think it looks amazing. bijkeuken-blauwe-wandtegels The use of tiles here is something to remember. To build shelves that perfectly fit and then tile the surface is a trick I love to use myself in tricky bathroom&kitchen interiors. What do you think ? I love it. Notice and please remember to put tiles on the bottom of shelves and naturally the sides. The oversized sink is a wonderful detail that brings so much to the feeling of this kitchen. gastenverblijf-badkamer-blauwe-tegels Bespoke shelving and the use of tiles makes for a unique bathroom. badkamer-betoncire If you like the look these walls have you have to check out tadelakt. If you never heared of tadelakt you google it right now and check out this websit in Sweden  If you live elswhere just look online and googel TADELAKT. zithoek-leren-draaifauteuil overloop-bovenverdieping Stairs/trappor. There are so many ugly and to expensive versions. Go the extra mile. Check out what would fit your space. This solution is gorgeous here and could be made by a blacksmith/smed to fit your special needs without being to expensive. 20132883_10155617069591579_1658300508_o That´s  all from this home story styled by Esther Jostmeijer och photographed by Louis Lemaire for Dutch interior inspirational magazine VT wonen. Stay well & see you soon,   /Jimmy