KREWE Eyewear

KREWE Eyewear was founded in 2013 by Stirling Barrett, a New
Orleans native and creative entrepreneur. His vision of the city as a thriving cultural hub was his inspiration for launching KREWE. His team passionately believes in spreading the
culture of New Orleans and its celebration of individual style, one frame at a time.

KREWE Eyewear was named after the local Mardi Gras krewes, a creative group that comes together to ride in a parade. Stirling explains in an interview with Hollywood Reporter: ”Our whole goal is to celebrate individual style, that’s why our product is not a branded product. ”Krewe” really fit with that identity in the sense of [this] is a creative group coming together. We feel like the people that relate to our story are part of that creative group. If you have any kind of relation to New Orleans, you are instantly transported back by that five letter name.”

Continually, the best frames we produce are inspired by locations, [like] the wrought iron [in the city’s architecture] that’s inspiring St. Louis. Ultimately we really draw inspiration from the city.”

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