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Jimmy Schönning Hem

Många år som inredare för olika tv-program gav Jimmy Schönning en uppsjö av egna designidéer. När möjligheten dök upp att förverkliga dem under det egna varumärket JIMSCH kunde han inte motstå utmaningen... Jimmy är född i Varberg och har studerat både i Göteborg och New York. I över 20 år levde och arbetade han i Stockholm. Senast har han drivit ett hantverksprojekt i Thailand under fem år. Numera är han bosatt i Skåne.

Back to Bangkok Baby



Bangkok Trading Post Bistro & Deli

So much happens in Bangkok every time I´m there that I have to get Back to Bangkok Baby, meaning I´m taking you to places I found being jewels of this vibrant tropical city filled with gems that is not always so easy to find.

First favorite place I´m taking you to invites you to enter through the garden you see above with the fish pond and outdoor seating.



At the Bangkok Trading Post Bistro & Deli  they offer a cross over Euro Asian cuisine from early breakfast to late dinner.  I tried and enjoyed a pasta with seafood. High ceiling and classy interiors along with a wonderful welcoming attitude makes me want to try everything here. So I will look at deserts.


The bathroom always says so much about any establishment. Loving the marble and wood panel solution that the Bangkok Trading Post Bistro&Deli has created. Now this classy place is next door to 137 Pillars Suites & Residences…

Nimitr is designed by Santhaya & Associates based on a modern decor of a contemporary Asian design concept.

Nimitr meaning ”special dream” in Thai is the name of the avant-garde restaurant with Asian inspired cuisine with a western hint found in the same building as 137 Pillars a few floors up from  Bangkok Trading Post Bistro&Deli

The pool is on the roof with a overwhelming view over Bangkok. All of which you find at Sukhumvit Soi 39. Quite close to this high class hotel you find shopping at it´s best.

137 Pillars Suites & Residences.
Emquratier Bangkok


Emqartier mall or should I say shopping experience is to me the most beautiful mall I have ever been to. The water fall cascading down over a jungle of plants against the white stone surface. Here you find the latest Alexander Wang or freshly ground Dean&Deluca coffey. Grand, garden green and gorgeous place in my opinion.

Talking about gardens. Face Restaurant and Garden makes you feel like you landed on a small remote island although you are still right here in the middle of Bangkok.

Face Restaurant&Garden


Right by the river at Bang Rak you find Warehouse 30. For years, the seven large warehouses behind the Embassy of Portugal sat unused, except for the sole presence of P.Tendercool – a Bangkok based, Belgian run design studio specialized in bespoke handmade furniture.


Warehouse 30


Warehouse 30

The team behind The Jam Factory began work on restoring the warehouses for contemporary function. The result is Warehouse 30, opened in 2017 containing shops, restaurants, culture and art that I find worth visiting when you are in Bangkok. I know I will be back in Bangkok, this city grows on me and having friends that I love here makes the whole experience coming here the best.

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Warehouse 30

Gardiner till alla


För 10 år sedan så var nakna fönster något självklart som ansågs vackert. Oerhört lite tyger gick åt i trendiga inredningar.  På sin höjd en rullgardin i sovrummet. Trenden&tendensen att vara utan textil inramning för våra fönster var rådande.

Idag när jag inreder så börjar jag ofta med att se vad för typ av gardiner som kan tänkas passa den stil och framtoning som rummet har för att kunna välja rätt väggkulör eller tapet för att antingen kunna kontrastera textil/gardin mot vägg eller välja att låta den smälta in. I hemmet här på ritningen så gjorde jag valet att låta lyfta fram gardinen och ge den en stark färg och framtoning.

Enklaste sättet att förändra hemma är ju faktiskt att byta gardin. Eller vad säger du ? Att måla om tar betydligt längre tid och att tapetsera är det många som inte vågar ge sig på.   När Lydmar hotel engagerade Nude Ateljé  att nyinreda sin svit i våras så såg gardinerna ut såhär. Gardiner känns som en självklarhet. Utan de rätta textilierna på väggarna känns hemmet ofärdigt. De är ju inte bara vid fönstren man kan hänga gardiner dessutom.

När jag inreder så istället för att rita upp idéerna endast i CAD som är det vanligaste  data program för inredningsarkitekter så målar min konstnärliga kollega Vidar Sörman som jag delar Studio med dem i akvarell. Det blir så vackert tycker jag. Det känns oerhört speciellt att lämna över min inredningsidé i akvarellform. Då kan de se ut som detta hem där jag valt att jobba med gardiner i tung och vacker sammet i en bränd orange ton.

Har idag satt upp två olika typer av special uppsydda gardiner från superproffsiga Systrarna Axelsson jag beställt till ett hem jag inreder i Stavsnäs utanför Stockholm. När jag gjorde klart huset jag inrett i Torrevieja, Spannien så var den sista viktiga touchen just oehört tunna genomsiktliga gardiner för de stora fönsterpartierna. Tänkte vi skulle ha lite gardinskola med Systrarna Axelsson här på bloggen. Är det någon som skulle gilla det ?

Mer vackra gardiner till folket!



Det är så roligt att se på tyger. Det finns så oerhört mycket att välja mellan.

IMG_2098Att använda tunna skenor istället för gardinstång är ett bra sätt att få ut det mesta av tyget men ibland så är just en gardinstång helt rätt.

Balenciaga : Shaping fashion at the V and A


In London for inspiration and now off to see the Balenciaga exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum, more known as the V&A.

Spanish Christóbal Balenciaga who with his tailored garment statements in the fifties and sixties majorly influenced fashion of today. Since fashion and interiors are intertwined I get so much from seeing the real handicraft of successful fashionistas work up close.

The Victoria and Albert Museum (often abbreviated as the V&A), London, is the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design, housing a permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects (!) It was founded in 1852 and named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

To just have a coffey in th courtyard by the pond at the V&A is really nice. Don´t you just love the Bertoia chair with the Saarinen marble table as the outdoor furniture by the building from 1885. Eclectic taste at it´s best in my opinion.

In Womens Wear daily sometimes called the bible of fashion, when Cristóbal Balenciaga died 1972,  was written :  the father of contemporary fashion is dead, but his influence remains.


Fluff&frills gone mad. I just love the creativity.

Great look if you are pregnant (if you have room for your stomach in there that is) or if you have gained a few pounds to many. Just kidding really. Love the craziness and nonconformity of it all.

The round shapes and the very dressed statement shines through in many garments. Balenciaga was also famous for multifunction, for example making a skirt that also could be worn as a cape. Here you can see what American Vogue wrote about Balenciaga on his 120 year anniversary. See what The house of Balenciaga is upto 2017 here.

I enjoyed seeing the way Balenciaga worked with his notebook and sketches.

The building itself and rooms like the library at V&A are worth the visit in itself.

Objects that i fancy walking around checking all the treasures outside of the Balenciaga exhibit in this huge museum.

Religious and ceremonial objects that has been given care and design with opulence and magnificent craftsmanship is so interesting to see up close. There is so much to see here at V&A.

At the very end ( yes there are lots of sculptures to see as well) I can just say I love coming here and wish I had more time to go in a and see the Pink Floyd exhibit called : Their mortal remains. The first international retrospective of one of the most iconic and influential bands. Next time!

You can catch the Balenciaga exhibit until Feb -18. When in London do not miss my other favorite place to visit here that I just did for the first time :  The royal botanic gardens The Kew, that I just blogged about. 

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If cosy is a village it´s Villa de Leyva


View of the valley and the village of Villa de Leyva, from the house of my friends Julia&Daniel in Boyacá, Colombia in the Andes. It takes around 3 hours to drive here even though it´s just 130 km northeast of Bogotá, but the roads are small and you need to climb up to 2149 meters on alpine roads to describe it in a European type of lingo.



We start the day with a great tasting brunch buffet  at Hospederia Duruelo. All meals will contain some kind of arepa in this part of the world. We will talk more about that in a later post. Corn Arepas are Colombia if you know what I mean.


I just love this flower arrangement in the stone fountain.

Yadira called Yaya is the reason why we are all here in Villa de Leyva. Yadira is Julia´s mother and used to live here in the summers with her mother Julita. So I want to thank you Yadira for making a point out of coming back and showing us all what an amazing place on earth Villa de Leyva is.

Gracias Yaya ( Jag heter Yaya – ja, det där var så internt att det förstår bara ca. 8 pers…)

The breakfast club ready to take on the beauty and the historic village in the Andes : Villa de Leyva

Surrounding Villa de Leyva are the green and gorgeous Andes.

Daniel having a peek through a locked door. All buildings are so well kept, preserved and beautiful.

The village of Villa de Leyva is built on a former lake. When digging for building the houses fossils where found. We are talking about a village that was founded in 1572 so it´s not recent these buildings came up. The fossils are incorporated in the  base of the buildings in several places.

Villa de Leyva becoming one of Colombia´s principle tourist attractions and I understand why. Already 1954 it was declared a National Monument. Here colonial architecture is preserved and the cobblestone plaza looks the same way as it did when it was planned over 400 years ago. If you are a paleontologist you know about Villa de Leyva and the Paja Formation (Cretaceous era) For you who have no idea what a paleontologist does you might remember Ross in Friends. He worked as Paleontologist.

My grandmother Anna would have loved this balcony  filled with geranium/pelargon.

There are the most amazing backyards and gardens all over town. You just have to look where you can walk in and see it. Some are private but many are open and used as public spaces, restaurant or hotel.

Have you tried a Zapote?

The tomatos below I think you have seen before, but Pepino de guiso a sort of cucumber above is not something you find everywhere.

The fruit feijoa in the big basket.

As you can see I adore fresh fruit and vegetables. The Villa de Leyva market once a week offers all you can ever want and more.  We are tasting and choosing what to get and planning dinner as we walk the market place in awe of all the green produce offered here.

Do you know all the fruits you see here ? I sure don´t…

The mule standing by looking at me as I take the photo. Hi cutie!

Never ever have I  seen so many hammocks/hängmattor being part of everyday life for real in homes all over as here in Colombia. Not only here in Villa de Leyva.


Love this green door and my new hat!  Thanks for the photo Maria,

Part of the film Cobra Verde by Werner Herzog was filmed here in Villa de Leyva.

Florentino Ariza, the main character of Gabriel García Márquez´s novel Love in the time of Cholera spends part of his life in Villa de Leyva. As you might know, Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in 1982.

Roy Fares has opened his magnificent Mr Cake in Stockholm. Here in Villa de Leyva there is a Mr Cake as well but it was opened prior to the Stockholm success. A great idea is rarely a solitary expression on our globe.

Many weddings take place in Villa de Leyva and I understand why. This city or village have an abundance of romantic feeling that is undeniable.

I will not guide you any more. If you are interested you will google Villa de Leyva or Colombia to find out more. I can tell you that I would really like to come back. This is a feel good place.

Thank you Villa de Leyva, Colombia

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The Queen of the Caribbean


Maybe you´re thinking of the song Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean when you read the headline The Queen of the Caribbean? (Or did you think of me dressed up as Ru Paul goes Caribbean?) I have learned that Cartagena De Indias is called the Queen of the Caribbean due to it´s beauty, long history and high status as a port for centuries.

Must admit I knew nearly nothing about this historic and supremely stunning city before I flew here from Bogotá, Colombia. I came with my taxi from the airport and turned into Getsemani quarters, Cartagena. You see Getsemani as a backdrop behind the fountain.

Getseamani is right next to the Old Walled city of Cartagena De Indias that it will be a pleasure to show you. I really love this place and felt that imidiately. Right now the sun is going down and the temperature is 26 degrees celcius and there is a slight humid breeze from the ocean surrounding us.


Cartagena De Indias : Getsemani just like The Old town/The walled city is very colorful. Just look at the pink paint chosen for this ceiling!
Getsemani is charming and inviting. So colorful it makes you happy. Full of restaurants and cafés that makes you feel like just enjoying.

Relaxed italian café&restaurant Basilica in Getsemani

Getsemani is still not perfected like The walled city center mostly is. This neighborhood of Cartagena still has these colonial buildings that are a bit left behind and dilapitated in that perfectly ”unperfect” state.

Fresh fruit and fruitsallads and fruit juice is found everywhere.

I fall in love with the old colonial buildings and want to move in…




This is where you enter to the walled city of Cartagena.


The Torre del Reloj Público (Public Clock Tower) was the main entrance to the old city. Originally, the clock tower had only the central archway. The other two arches were added in the 18th century, and a new clock in the 19th century.

The yellow tower is still where you enter through the wall to the Old City in Cartagena or Cartagena De Indias which it was called as a Spanish colony. The major port of Cartagena was founded in 1533 but archeologist have found proof that the site where the city is built dates back as a village as far as 4000 BC with notable settlements by indigenous people.

I would like to call the walled city the city of balconies. Not only are there balconies everywhere but they are filled with lucious plants and more bougainville than I have ever seen. Love it!

The colors of the walled city of Cartagena stand out and adds a unique energy to all buildings.

In 1984, Cartagena’s colonial walled city and fortress, which you will see below,  were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can walk on top of the wall and through it at some places.

I ordered a double espresso with warm milk on the side and this is how it was served. The most luxurious and estheticly pleasing coffey ever, right? Love how a glass of cold water and a piece of chocolate was included.  The service level here is very high and there are more boutique hotels than I could explore in a week! I will take you to a couple of hotels that I stayed at in coming posts. Stay in touch for more Cartagena stories.

The flora of this warm and humid seaside burg is truly outstanding if taken care of. Everywhere there are amazing flowers and plants.

Love that you can walk everywhere and easily reach everything within the cute walled city. You can compare it to Stockholm Old city Gamla Stan, or Bairo Alto in Lisbon, but they are all so different that you will need to experience them all. Almost everywhere you go you see the Cathedral and can by it navigate and find your way.  The Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandria in the historic center of Cartagena, which was begun in 1577 and completed 84 years later is as colorful as the rest of this small gem of a city.


Beyond the walls of the walled city you see the new high risers of Boca Grande that I will tell you about in a post later on. Stay in touch.

The are still a few worn&wonderful houses in the walled city that are not renovated.


A walk on the wall gives you a great view of the Walled City
Next time I come I want a room with a balcony filled with flowers facing the street so I can sit there and look at people walking by.

Visible from the walled city is the fortress of Cartagena. Castillo San Felipe de Barajas that was originally built in 1536 is worth a visit done on an afternoon.

You find art museums and galleries of all sorts within the walled city.

This is how amazingly inviting the courtyards of the Walled City of Cartagena can be at night. Click on the video :


Night time at the oasis. The perfect evening temperature is made for eating out on the rooftops or at the outside courtyards of Cartagena.

I walk into every hotel and restaurant to just look and be inspired.  Music is played in the streets as well as in the restaurants and bars. So much live music. L O V E L Y !

From the Getsemani neighborhood you see the modern Cartagena and the Boca Grande beaches that I will tell you more about in a later post.

Cartagena, Colombia is a place that I will be sure to come back to. Next time I will visit the small Caribbean islands that you find boats in the harbor to take you to under an hour from the walled city.

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My Stockholm week



Rörstrand and Iittala flagship store. Photo Alexander Donka

Rörstrand&Iittala opened a new flagship store together in the smack middle of down town Stockholm at Stureplan, but adress being Kungsgatan 1. A store that unites two iconic brands that wants to be a meeting point as well as an inspirational space. I think they can do that well. Interiors by Lotta Agaton and and event by Trendgruppen.


Styling by Lotta Agaton



Cutest on our carpet.


We had the cutest visitor at the studio as you can see. He just stayed in his bag and seemed to be right at home while his mistress was working with us. Still like the carpet that really stood out in this photo, bought many years ago at Room.

Working with a new private client I had the first home consultation this week and loved the facade of their house. Gorgeous granit and black minimal downlight gave such a sophisticated long lasting impression. Mabe we will use the lovely stone color inspo it gives for the interiors. Incorporating in&outdoors of a home is always a good idea.


Gorgeous granit facade.

Swedese opened a new showroom at Malmtorgsgatan 5 in Stockholm and what a beautiful space in a historic building just across from hotel At Six and roof terrace restaurant Tak at Brunkebergstorg.

Swedese line up. Sofa Boxplay by Claesson/Koivisto/Rune. Table Breeze by Monica Förster. Konnekt poufs by Roger Persson.

Swedese was showing of their interior gems and offering wine and nibbles of the best kind.

Wood being the Swedese specialty they show their craftsmanship & knowledge in a sophisticated way.

     Large window display and inspirational use of their design icons.

The interior styling at Swedese immaculately done by Tina Hellberg The event this evening by Trendgruppen

You know why I like this worktable right… It´s green! What a vivacious green it is. All from Swedese. 

Photo by Cawa Media

Met my stylish friend Lulu Carter at Sturebadet not to have a swim but to look at LWL Jewlery and Maruschka De Margó clothes and you can see more of what Lulu liked at her Instagram.


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Tydliga golv trender



Trä passar ju lika bra på väggar som på golv. Lyktan är min design för Jimsch och bilden är tagen av Per Magnus Persson.

Radiomöte och mitt sovrum


IMG_2443 2


Dagen börjar med gott kaffe som jag fick äggröra, stekta tomater och paprika till. Gott. Igår körde jag från Sthlm till Kristanstad. Nu skall jag med Björn Paulsson prata om inredning och inspiration på lokalradion. Vi träffar sköna Helene Persson SR P4 som gör vår tid tillsammans till en fantastiskt rolig timme.

Jag är här för att jag skall föreläsa ikväll i Hässleholm. Helene frågar mig hur det ser ut hemma hos mig då jag frågade ut henne gällande hennes vardagsrum. Tänkte  därav jag skulle visahur det blev i sovrummet då jag visade hur jag tapetserade där med bilden jag tog på Botaniska i Köpenhamn.

Ni som hänger med på Instagram @jimmyschonninghem har sett att, så här blev det :


På min Facebook så ser ni hur Helene ser ut som jag träffade idag som är inte bara gör radio utan har en hel dansbandskarriär bakom sig. Så underbart att träffa mäniskor som är lika knäppa som jag. Nu skall jag åka till den gamla fabrikslokalen som EM Home Hässleholm ligger i och göra iordning allt inför kvällens föreläsning som börjar 19.00. Alla är välkommna från 18.00 och se min design för Jimsch och självklart all inredning på plats.





Design plus vinnarna på Ambiente



I Frankfurt på Ambiente mässan jag kom hemifrån förra veckan så visades Design Plus Award upp vinnarna av 2017 Special Edition som skall bevisa att bra design och god etik kan gå hand i hand.  Årets upplaga kallas därav ”Ethical Style”Etisk Stil. Gillar verkligen  bordet av långt virke hållet med packband som display bord för utställningens vinnare.

Sju oberoende experter i en jury har valt 23 produkter och produkserier. Detta år så har man förutom estetik, design kvalité, funktionalitet och  hållbarhet dessutom valts utifrån kriterier som bland annat eko vänliga material & eko produktion.

Ambiente erbjöd  som vanligt även en trend utställning som man för första gången även fick fotografera i år (!) som jag kommer blogga om. Vill du se mer av vinnarna så kan du titta på eller maia på

/ Jimmy



Närmast står grytan Stockpot av keramik. Design av Laurent Corio för Franska Emily Henry fick priset för att ett traditionellt&hållbart material använts på ett modernt sätt

Innanför står To Go Becher kopparna av porslin med ett lock av silikon för dryck som man tar med sig för att motverka engångs muggar och som har anti halk sidor som dessutom isolerar mot värmen så att inte plaster eller pappers engångs delar behövs. Design Lisa Keller för tyska Kahla



Min egen favorit av vinnarna är Mekong som är en bordslampa helt gjord i bambu. Nedre delen är lackad och övre delen flätad på klassiskt sätt. Design sår Good&Mojo By it´s RoMi från Holland

Blown up in Bogotá


My first visit to Bogotá, Colombia. Came in last night with my friends living in Villa De Leyva. Drove from the mountains and checked into a nice Airbnb apartment. Now on our way to have breakfast and then take a walk to the colonial center of the city called La Candelaria passing Plaza De Bolivar to go to a a exhibition by a Cuban collective called Los Carpinteros/The Carpenters. Check at the bottom if you want to know what I mean with blown up in Bogotá.


Plaza de Bolivar

The feeling in the streets is kind and welcoming. Finding lot´s of fine handicraft and different handmade products. Look at these leather sandals. People here are convinced it´s winter, but to me it´s more like Swedish summer.

The old town and colorful colonial original part of Bogotá is called La Candelaria.

Entering into the museum is via this beautiful garden. We also pass the Botero Museum that I do want to check next time I´m here.

We made it to MAMU.


We are looking at the Cuban Collective´s exhibit La cosa está candela/The thing is burning at Miguel Urrutia Art Museum called MAMU

In Spanish this is what is said about La cosa está candela :

Los mediadores realizan un recorrido para todos los públicos, a través de los singulares objetos que construyen Los Carpinteros, reconociendo algunos elementos determinantes en su producción como la transformación del sentido de los objetos cotidianos mediante el cambio de sus características originales.

In Eng :

The mediators make a journey for all audiences, through the unique objects that The Carpenters build, recognizing some determining elements in their production as the transformation of the meaning of everyday objects by changing their original characteristics.

First I just saw a plane. When you look closer you see the arrows everywhere.

This piece is made in concrete in a flowerlike shape. It is more than 2 meters x 2 meters and aprox. 50 cm high.

There is a large hole in the wall. Through the hole in the broken wall I see something my eyes first can not make sense of. This piece first looks like a photo only from this end, but….


….but as you see it´s a big installation on the other side of the wall. It looks like a frozen moment just as the explosion has gone of and the whole meeting room is going to pieces. Totally blown up in Bogotá I would say. Actually that is what Los Carpinteros did. The asked to blow up one of the office meeting rooms at the museum and from the pieces of the the broken material composed this installation.


I just could not stop looking at it. Even if you see the string holding all the objects you so strongly get the feeling of a millisecond of an explosion.


What a great cultural Bogotá day filled with inspiring creativeness.Thank you!

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