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How do I find the perfect eyewear?

This post is written in collaboration with Stureoptikern

How do I find the perfect eyewear? Yes, that is a question I get quite a lot and you know what? It is so much fun when I get to help people find the perfect match for their face.

My beautiful blog colleague Stina have been looking for a new pair of eyewear for quite some time. She has been arranging votes and polls on Facebook and instagram but I think it has rather made her confused than helped her. So, she asked me for some expertise help and we headed to Stureoptikern in downtown Stockholm to try out a frame for her.

Of course, you always have to take your prescription in consideration when choosing, but I always start with one simple question – Who are you? And Stina, she is just so much fun and full of crazy ideas. Still, she wants to look her age and she needs eyewear that works for many different occasions.

The first impulse is black, classic frames that always works. But then we tried out round frames, cat-eyes, aviators and even some jungle themed Anna Karin Karlsson frames. What  did she choose at last? You will just have to wait and see…How do I find the perfect eyewear? How do I find the perfect eyewear? How do I find the perfect eyewear? How do I find the perfect eyewear? How do I find the perfect eyewear? How do I find the perfect eyewear? How do I find the perfect eyewear? How do I find the perfect eyewear? How do I find the perfect eyewear?

The SILMO 50 years retrospective

This post is written in cooperation with SILMO Paris

The SILMO 50 years retrospective has now brought us to the 80´s. This is the decade when the trade show really began to take form. In 1981 they moved to Paris, from 1982 it was decided to always take place during the autumn and in 1985 the very first Spectacle Show at SILMO attracted more than 13.000 visitors and 355 exhibitors.

But enough with numbers, what did the eyewear fashion look like? You could find lots of BIG eyewear from Christian Dior and artsy eyewear from Alain Mikli. I would have loved to visit SILMO Paris during this era!

The Silmo 50 years retrospective The Silmo 50 years retrospective The Silmo 50 years retrospective The Silmo 50 years retrospective The Silmo 50 years retrospective The Silmo 50 years retrospective The Silmo 50 years retrospective The Silmo 50 years retrospective

KREWE Eyewear

KREWE Eyewear was founded in 2013 by Stirling Barrett, a New
Orleans native and creative entrepreneur. His vision of the city as a thriving cultural hub was his inspiration for launching KREWE. His team passionately believes in spreading the
culture of New Orleans and its celebration of individual style, one frame at a time.

KREWE Eyewear was named after the local Mardi Gras krewes, a creative group that comes together to ride in a parade. Stirling explains in an interview with Hollywood Reporter: ”Our whole goal is to celebrate individual style, that’s why our product is not a branded product. ”Krewe” really fit with that identity in the sense of [this] is a creative group coming together. We feel like the people that relate to our story are part of that creative group. If you have any kind of relation to New Orleans, you are instantly transported back by that five letter name.”

Continually, the best frames we produce are inspired by locations, [like] the wrought iron [in the city’s architecture] that’s inspiring St. Louis. Ultimately we really draw inspiration from the city.”

Pictures courtesy of

KREWE Eyewear KREWE Eyewear KREWE Eyewear KREWE Eyewear KREWE Eyewear KREWE Eyewear

Joseph Haver Eyewear

Joseph Haver Eyewear was founded in 2015 by certified optometrist Joseph Haver. With two decades of experience, he launched his brand driven by the vision of fashion, uniqueness and quality merge. Haver’s appreciation of eyewear heritage together with an eye for innovation led him to explore 60’s space-age design and the futuristic legacy of André Courrèges with updated, modern approach in terms of technology and aesthetics.

Joseph Haver Eyewear collection is free of seasonal definition. He constantly develops while keeping bold, geometric presence and eccentric quality, achieved by playing with proportion, form and function. Nine styles of sunglasses for men and women are defined by purity of squares, circles, triangles and octagons. His use of contrasting lens and flat surfaces, duplicated, rotated and corresponding with pop culture milestones, as the logo of the I-D Magazine or the ski mask as a status symbol of the disco era.

Despite of slightly oversized shape and wide profile, the frames stay distinctively comfortable and light. The handmade production in a small family factory in Italy from finest Mazzucchelli acetates gives anatomical preciseness. As in case of emphasized temples, following the ear outlines. A slim palette of black, white, red, grey and tortoise emphasizes the collection’s graphic appearance and keeps it classic at the same time.

Eyewear Joseph Haver Eyewear Joseph Haver Eyewear Joseph Haver Joseph Haver Eyewear Eyewear Joseph Haver Eyewear Joseph Haver Eyewear Joseph Haver Eyewear Joseph Haver

Eyewear: Silmo 50 years part 1


This post is written as a collaboration with SILMO Paris.

2017 is a key year and an anniversary year, as Silmo Paris 2017 is celebrating its half century, all the while looking to the future and emphasizing its pivotal role in the domestic and international optics and eyewear sector.

In May 1967, together with other eyewear manufacturers, Morel helped create the first Eyewear and Optics Show, which until then had simply been included in a section of the International Plastics Show held in Oyonnax. In an exhibition hall measuring 1500 m2 specially constructed by the town, this independent show featured 70 exhibitors, nine of whom were from outside France.

Three years later, in 1970, the Eyewear and Optics Show was permanently designated ”Silmo” (Salon international de la lunetterie, de l’optique oculaire et du matériel pour opticiens). It was only moved to Paris in 1981, as it became clear over the years that the Oyonnax valley did not offer the easiest access. It now takes place in the autumn so as not to compete with the Mido which is held in the spring.

So, if we take it from the start. What did fashion look like in 1967 when Silmo was born?

#TEFdoesStockholm: Carl Oaks


The swedish summer nights are magical and filled with inspiration. And one of these nights a few years ago, the brand Carl Oaks was born. It is all about good looking, affordable and hand crafted wooden sunglasses. Every frame is manufactured using recycled material and for each pair of sunglasses they plant one tree somewhere in the world. The frame Björsund comes with a metallic clip on for stylish sunny days.



Italian fashion label DROMe, designed by Creative Director Marianna Rosati, is an urban collection of evening and daywear, where the style is utterly sophisticated, fusing fabrics and leather with elaborated details, favouring a minimal approach. For the Spring/Summer 2017 runway they presented some amazing eyewear that really catches you eye.

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Sunglasses: Vilachá


Spanish brand Vilachá originates from artist and designer Miguel Vilachá, who decided to create his own eyewear to express his style. The frames are all handmade in Europe from Mazzuchelli acetate. Only 150 of each style so the idea is to create limited edition fashion, embracing uniqueness.

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Sunglasses: Anne & Valentin


French brand Anne & Valentin have got the perfect sunglass styles for the last few summer days. With names like ”Lady Light”, ”Eclipse” and ”Barock´n´Roll”, the frames are full of personality.

#TEFdoesStockholm: Oscar Magnuson


Just like in a Swedish midsummer night’s dream, Eyewear designer Oscar Magnuson remains a minimalist storyteller in its product lineup. Simple frames in distinctive shapes have a great deal to tell. Collections with more detailing and embellishing are also part of Oscar Magnuson and obviously have a lot more room to express. Peculiarity with colors including transparent colors has been a signature of Oscar Magnuson. The designer has found some links between colors and his expression and remains upbeat that customers will also express their likeness for choice of materials and color sense.

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